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Story #2

I mentioned I had two stories to write this week. I thought about saving this story until next week but it might be too important. The second story fit perfectly into the category of "why me?"

After our son's memorial service in 2003, a group of family and friends were walking on a sidewalk, downtown. Elaine's cousin, a member of the clergy was included in that group. Elaine's cousin pushed me away from the group and asked

Cuz: How are you doing?

Me: Not good.

Cuz: Talk to me.

Me: I have no fight left.

Cuz: That's not true. I don't believe that's God's plan. Your fight has just begun.

I'm not sure how or if I processed the words that day, but I have thought about them hundreds of times since. I would be the last person God would choose for anything. Why would there be a plan for me?

I started noticing things happen to me; things that don't happen to other people. If they are happening to other people, maybe people just don't talk about it. Life is sad. Life is funny. Share it.

The story I am about to tell happened to me Thursday morning. If it happened to anyone else you need to tell someone/everyone.

I love my morning commute to work. I drive the back country roads to work. I have to arrange my route to avoid the highways and all high traffic city roads.

Everyday I notice how tall the corn is. I watch with fascination, which farmer is watering which field. I love that drive.

Thursday morning, I noticed I was being followed by a pickup truck with three men in the pickup truck. I came up on a stop sign one one of the country roads.

The pickup truck stopped behind me. The driver started honking his horn. I looked into my mirror and saw the men were waving. I waved back and started on my way. That's what we do on country roads, everyone waves.

In a short while the pickup truck pulled into the oncoming traffic lane directly next to me. The passenger was motioning for me to roll my window down. I did. The driver and the passenger were SCREAMING for me to pull over. Along with "asking" me to pull over, I was able to distinguish what they were saying about a broken window.

I might have used some words like (construction language you, it (construction language) to be you. Call the cops. They started to force me over with their truck. A car coming at their truck in the oncoming lane changed their mission. They followed me to the Interstate which i decide to take, well, because they were following me.

The pickup gave up the chase. Relieved and full of adrenaline, I drove to work.

Later in the morning, I received a phone call.

Boss #1: Hey Monner, what's your license plate number?

Me: It was me. Boss #1: What?......You know what this is about?

Me: Yeah, it was me.

Boss #1: Wow, what happened?

I told him the story.

Boss #1: Well, the Colorado State Patrol is looking for you, can I give them your number?

Me: Of course

CSP: This is Patrolman Blah, Blah. I'm investigating a hit-and-run.

Me: Interesting. CSP: Would you tell me your side of the incident? Me: Yes.

I told him what had happened and added one comment. "In this political climate, there was no way I was was stopping for three angry men."

CSP: Good thinking. Would you like to hear their side of the story?

Me: Yes CSP: They said through their interpreter, that a piece of furniture flew out of the back of your truck and hit their windshield. I actually went back to see if furniture was on the side of the road. I didn't find any. I'm thinking a rock from your tire might have broken their windshield, which state law cannot hold you or anyone responsible. You will not here anymore about this incident.

Later that day I received a call from Boss #2.

Boss #2: Sounds like you had a crazy morning.

Me: Stuff happens to me. Boss #2: I told Boss #1, Monner has to have a gun in that truck. There is no way he would say that to three guys.

Me: Well, maybe I do and maybe I don't, but they were not going to like me, if they forced me off the road.

So, here is what ties the first part of this story to the rest. Take this as a Public Service Announcement, I don't know why stuff happens to me, but I'm telling you, don't pull over. Don't pull over. I don't know what these guys were up to, but it wasn't going to be good for anyone.

Our crazy lives!


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