A Dead Tree and an Upgrade

"We're all diamonds in the rough We'll all shine soon enough Struggles in this life can make you strong We waste the good times and the bad But keep in mind that when you're sad Those tears of joy and sorrow lead you home Every drop of water shapes the stone"---Allen Shamblin/Steve Seskin

It’s over, 2020 is gone. 2020 has been rough on us all. I’m not liking 2021 so far. (I hate when Grammerly tries to correct my sentences.)

I have a story that starts in 2020, and ends in 2021……hopefully. A week or so ago, Elaine and I were waiting for Ivy to return to the house from work. Ivy takes her time getting anywhere she goes, so waiting and sometimes worrying is something I’m quite used to.

It started to be the middle of the night and Ivy hadn’t called or arrived. Some would not call 7:00 PM the middle of the night, but I had already put on my sleeping gym shorts and slippers. Ok, I don’t have slippers, I had put on my nighttime frocs.

I was ready to crawl into bed, turn on the television, and watch the current rerun of “Storage Wars”. Sadly, this particular night we had not even had dinner, yet. This was really messing with my grumpy old man schedule.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been known to drive these country road looking for all of the kids, if I think their drive is taking too long. That usually happe