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Boy Twin and Television

First things first. I would like to thank you for allowing me a day off last weekend. Our family had a great weekend, and I hope you did also. Both twins were home for the first time since Christmas (We will talk about the twins shortly.)

Here we go!

I watched a video on social media the past week. I watch tens of videos on social media, but this one hit me hard. This particular video showed a grandson giving a lesson on how to operate a "smart" television to his grandmother.

The timing of the video showing up on my social media was almost tear-producing. You see, it was a grandson and a grandmother. No, I am not emotional because I am considering changing from a grandfather to a grandmother, which would be my right or my wrong. Pretty sure it would be wrong. Can you imagine me on a beer can? I could use a job. Wow, did that take a turn?

Actually, I was emotional because the video contain a "smart" television. I have a "smart" television. I also have "dumb" (I know I can't say that, but I was at a loss for words) television, and this television is dumber than the other television. I get along great with the dumb television, but not so much with "smart" television.

I longed for the days of my youth when television was broadcast. Four, five, or six channels limited our choices. Only one channel was watched each night. Now we have a couple of hundred channels that I watch about six of them.

Now social media, the twins, and even Elaine tell me television is changing to where if you want to watch a channel you pay for that channel. They call it "streaming". I have news for you. Streams are something to fish in. The television people picked a word that reminds you of sitting next to a peaceful stream fishing, so you won't be upset you now need to pay to watch Gilligan's Island reruns.

Elaine has known how to pay for individual channels for some time. Me? I hope you read my Resist, story. If not go back it was a month or so ago. I have resisted learning to operate that (construction language) television. The dumb television and the cooking channel are my best friends.

For reasons unknown to me it really bothered Boy Twin that our dumb television did not allow me/Elaine to watch the "stream " channel on our dumb television. Worked for me. For Christmas Boy Twin gave us some black pieces that he installed on the back of the dumb television. Those black pieces came with a remote control. I took the remote control and laid it on my nightstand. It has been there since Christmas.

Last week, Elaine and I were watching a movie on the "smart" television.

Elaine: Do you want to finish this movie upstairs on the other TV? Me: No, we can't watch this on the other TV Elaine: Boy Twin fixed the TV so we can watch those channels Me: I would rather watch the Cooking Channel, but let's give it a try

Well, it went a little bad from there. Once upstairs, with Elaine's directions, I started pressing buttons on the television and the remote. It wasn't long before the black pieces and the corresponding remote stopped working, which shouldn't have been a problem. We could just go back to the Cooking Channel. (Which is what I wanted to do anyway)

Nope, now the screen is black. We are stuck between something called HDMI's (WTF) Our dumb television is useless unless you like staring at a black screen with no sound.

Here comes the grandson video part. Boy Twin came home for Easter.

Me; Hey, go upstairs and take the black stuff off the television. Boy Twin: I can show you how to make it work

Me: I don't want to know how it works, show Grandma.

Things are back to normal, There is a moral to this story, "If it's not broke, don't fix it" or you might not have TV until a kid gets there.

Our crazy lives!



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