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Christmas Dinner

Is this year ever going to be over?

As a creature of habit, I’m not very good with change. There have been just too many changes this year. Elaine is working from home full time. Your daily Fiber has changed locations to two storage containers at our ranch. The twins don’t go to school. The twins socialize at friends’ houses because they can’t socialize at school.

Elaine and I have had either, no children in our home or a bunch of children. The kids decide where they are going to play school by the dinnertime meals planned at each house. It’s making me crazy.

Thank God, it’s Christmas time which typically signals the end of the year is near. Maybe next year can be “normal”.

Even Christmas is bringing unwanted change. As a child, being of Volga-German decent, Christmas dinner always involved a trip to Grandma’s for a bowl of Chicken noodle soup. A type of Christmas dumpling was added to the soup. I could explain the dumpling in more detail, but when you guys find out how wonderful the dumplings are, you will run to the grocery store and cause shortages in bread and butter. I saw what you did with toilet paper.

As time went on, Christmas dinner moved from Grandma’s to Mom’s house. The soup went with it.

When Mom passed, the dumplings passed with her. Christmas dinner evolved into my brothers and their families going it alone. The Volga-German thing was over, at least at our house.

Elaine and I started new traditions. Christmas dinner was just as festive, just no chicken noodle/dumpling soup. The soup was switched to turkey, a repeat of Thanksgiving.

Well, this is 2020. Imagine my delight when someone in our family suggested a change. “Let’s have ham!” they said. For four decades, we have had turkey. Now they want ham. Can’t they see we have had enough change?

I know people eat ham, but not me. These people have been eating with me for over forty years, have they ever seen me eat ham on Christmas?

I might be overreacting. Let’s get this year over with.

From my family and Your Daily Fiber to your family, Merry Christmas and God bless you. Enjoy yourselves and your loved ones. BTW- Your Daily Fiber is still here, we thank YOU for that.

Our crazy lives!



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