Elaine's Yogurt Butter and Snow

Last week I wrote a story about a record-setting snowstorm eighteen years ago. Today I will be writing a story to make us forget that wimpy little storm.

The storm had been predicted by forecasters the previous week. In typical fashion, the forecaster changed the predicted start of the storm several times daily. True Colorado natives began to think, “Yep, the weatherman missed it again”. (No disrespect to weatherwomen. I thought you were wrong also.) But the weatherman (and weatherwoman) remained persistent. “The storm is coming, get ready.”

Wednesday afternoon I stopped at the grocery store to stock up on staples we might need if we were to be “snowed in.” At this point, the storm was to start Thursday night. Pandemonium was happing at the grocery store. Non-natives were filling shopping carts like they were at a beervirus toilet paper festival. Milk shelves were empty. Bread? Forget it.

Elaine has this thing about butter. She prefers one brand only. (Thanks, Carol) The store was out of Elaine’s butter. Personally, butter is butter, and next to bacon, it's heaven. However, Elaine likes one kind of butter, (Thanks, Carol.).and it’s not really butter, it’s made from that yogurt stuff.

Thursday morning the forecast was revised. The storm would start sometime around noon, Friday. That gave me another chance to get Elaine’s butter at a different store. Postponing the storm also gave the non-native another chance to empty store shelves. I did not find Elaine’s butter in this store. At his point, I could have given up, after all, butter is butter, except to Elaine (and apparently, Carol.)

Friday morning, the sun is shining brightly as I left for work. Clouds were building on the horizon. It was a slow day at work, I decided to start my weekend a little early and left the jobsite before noon. I had time to hit a different grocery store for one more attempt at Elaine’s butter. In fairness, I planned on making chili (w/beans) at some point during the weekend and I needed some more stuff. This store had Elaine's butter, nothing else but, it had Elaine’s butter.

I was back home in the early