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It's Your Day

Let's wish a Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and grandmothers living or heavenly. You can decide if we are to include stepmothers in our Mother's Day wishes.

I can't help but think of Cinderella. For the last five decades or so I have wondered if Cinderella was required to do something special for her stepmother. What are the rules? If I'm in charge, I don't think Cinderella needs to wish her stepmother anything happy.

What about stepmothers that marry your dad? Do you celebrate them? You need to decide that one for yourself. If you need help, just think of poor Cinderella moping the floor while her ugly step-siblings enjoy the fruits of your dad's labor.

What about mothers who chose animal children instead of human children? I think they should be included in Mother's Day wishes. Pet mothers feed, cuddle, scold, exercise, and care for their animal children. I think dog, cat, ferret, lizard, and goldfish owners qualify for Happy Mother's Day greetings. I draw the line at turtles. Turtle owners are weird and I see no reason to include them in Mother's Day greetings.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Happy Mother's Day, Grandma. I miss you both.

Elaine, you mothered two batches of kids, a bunch of dogs, a few aquariums, and a few chickens, not to mention a herd of yaks, llamas, and alpacas. Thank God no cats or turtles. Thank you! Happy Mother's Day

Enjoy Mother's Day! God Bless, Love ya

Our Crazy Lives!


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David Jones
David Jones
3 hours ago

Happy Mother’s Day! This day is very special to me throughout the year because I eagerly await it. I give my mother a gift on this day. Last year, I couldn’t celebrate this day because I was busy with a project that required me to write 100 words on Dissertation Proposal Help. But this year, I celebrated this day.

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