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Its Over

The summer is over. School is back in session. One of our twins (exactly half of them) have moved on to taking some college courses. The other twin, (the other half of the set) is enjoying the summer, which at this point is allowing it to be over.

It’s been quite a summer for both of them. They have enjoyed the summer to the fullest. One twin ended a three-year, relationship with their significant other. Secretly, that might have been the highlight of the summer for Elaine and I. After watching that firestorm for the last three years, it was great to see it end. They say opposites attract, but these two were oil and vinegar.

Both twins found summer employment. Girl Twin took a job working selling overpriced sandwiches in a deli with ties to the tourist industry. She is content for a while, making money and making no major plans.

Boy Twin is a planner/dreamer. He has the next thirty years planned. Boy Twin has been working for a flooring company, owned by a friend of a friend. He complains his body hurts at night. I don’t see him making this a career.

Prior to the flooring job, Boy Twin purchased a non-running, several years old Asian car with the intent of returning the car to roadworthiness, sell it, and make thousands of dollars. This little car is/was planned to be the start of an “I’m going to do this, and then this, and I will be wealthy by the time I’m thirty. Not a bad plan, if it works.

Girl Twin is content for the moment collecting tips, making sandwiches, hanging out with cowboy and cowgirl friends. Beervirus schooling took the college wind out of her sails. She’s in no hurry for the summer to end.

The tourist season will be over soon and Girl Twin will need to make decisions. At this point, she is not ready for further education. She will be getting a cut in hours soon, and that will force her to make some decisions. Elaine and I have encouraged her to take her time. I can’t see any good coming from going to college if you don’t know why you are going.

Speaking of cowboys, Boy Twin has borrowed a “country-themed” baseball cap from his sister, giving him a country look he has never had before. He actually took the country look to a new level. He participated in the steer wrestling event in a rodeo. Our baby boy, purposely jumping off a horse onto the back of a cow that outweighs him by at least one hundred pounds. Elaine and I tried to act like we were proud of him while he told the story, but truthfully, we were terrified, especially when he told the part about turning the cow the wrong way and almost getting gored. Ah, to be young.

Ivy is working in the produce department of a local grocery store. She worked in the produce department of a grocery store after high school. This time she is in the produce department while she spends the rest of her day, studying for a college degree. She made the Dean’s list. Yippie!

Elaine and I are getting accustomed to being empty nesters, as the kids are seemingly never home. Elaine is having an easy time. I’m thinking about adopting another set of twins. (Just kidding) The only sound in this empty nest is Elaine’s loom clanking and clanking. And birds, I can hear birds and coyotes and tumbling tumbleweeds.

Fall is coming. I am counting on you to inventory your yarn and replenish your stash. Don’t let your friends get the cool stuff.

Our crazy lives!



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