Its Over

The summer is over. School is back in session. One of our twins (exactly half of them) have moved on to taking some college courses. The other twin, (the other half of the set) is enjoying the summer, which at this point is allowing it to be over.

It’s been quite a summer for both of them. They have enjoyed the summer to the fullest. One twin ended a three-year, relationship with their significant other. Secretly, that might have been the highlight of the summer for Elaine and I. After watching that firestorm for the last three years, it was great to see it end. They say opposites attract, but these two were oil and vinegar.

Both twins found summer employment. Girl Twin took a job working selling overpriced sandwiches in a deli with ties to the tourist industry. She is content for a while, making money and making no major plans.

Boy Twin is a planner/dreamer. He has the next thirty years planned. Boy Twin has been working for a flooring company, owned by a friend of a friend. He complains his body hurts at night. I don’t see him making this a career.