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Labor Day

I don't understand Labor Day. A holiday to celebrate labor? Really? Are we getting a day off to thank ourselves for another year's worth of work? Are we taking the day off to rest up for another year's worth of work to come?

Personally, I think Labor Day is stupid. It is like, we as a society decided we had an extra holiday. We needed to put it at the end of summer so kids know when to back to school. This worked for a while, but then it changed.

Someone realized kids and teachers needed to start school before summer's end to give everyone a break from having to go back to school.

Maybe someone could explain to me what we are really celebrating. I'm not celebrating anything. I know what is to come. Every flat lander, amateur mountain man with a camping trailer will be driving up our road to pretend they are the fastest gun in the west. Oh, it's all harmless "fun", and I do enjoy watching the Flight for Life helicopter fly over our property.

Maybe, I'm envious. I don't get to take the day off. Mac the yak, Yank the llama and the chickens, ducks goose, and guineas think Labor Day is foolish. They don't take the day off, they want to eat. Mac is so serious about eating, that he will break through the fence to possibly find food at the neighbors.

Not to mention that I will be helping one of my kids move.

Kid: I might need your help moving this weekend

Me: Don't you have friends that can help?

Kid: I have friends, but they took their guns and beer and headed for the mountains.

Me; You have siblings, Did you try them?

Kid: Yeah, right!

Me: I'll talk to them

Me: Kid #1 needs to move this weekend. Can we count on you to help?

Kid #2: I will be in Nebraska for a wedding.

Me: Can you skip the wedding and help?

Kid #2: I would like to, but I'm in the wedding party

Me: Wow, I don't think you told me about this.

Kid #2: I didn't remember the wedding until I was asked to help

Me: You didn't remember you were IN a wedding?

Kid #2: Yeah, it was a good thing I was reminded

I'm going to be lifting and transporting a dresser and a bed. Then I will come home to help Elaine prepare for next week's Salida Art Festival. Celebrate Labor Day, my (construction language)!

I think I hear a helicopter. No, it's gunfire. Happy Labor Day.

Buy yarn, and come see Elaine in Salida. Love ya, God Bless

Our crazy lives!



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