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Like no Other

If you are a reader of these stories, you probably already know that I do not like and do not celebrate Memorial Day. While the rest of the country enjoys hotdogs and jet skis, I try to forget the holiday ever happens. Our family had a lot to remember, at least Elaine and I do.

Our son Alexander David died over Memorial Day weekend. The calendar date of Memorial Day changes but the weekend will always be a remembrance of Alex leaving us. Before that Memorial Day weekend, Elaine and I enjoyed a few hotdogs with the rest of the country. We never got into the jet ski thing, because neither one of us is a good swimmer. I can't speak as to why Elaine is not a swimmer but I will tell you I do not want my hair and beard wet. There, you now know the reason, I do not and will not go to beaches in Hawaii and /or Mexico. I don't like wet hair.

Memorial Day was never about hot dogs anyway. It was to take a few moments to show thanks for the brave men and women who gave their lives so we could choose between sauerkraut or chili on our hotdogs. I hope you take a few moments to reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Since Alex died, Elaine and I have tried to do the impossible. We have tried to forget Memorial Day. For most Memorial Days, we have planned a weekend car trip. With new puppies and a new yak, a weekend car trip wouldn't make sense. What did make sense however was help Ivy move. Yes, I helped Ivy move while Elaine stayed home babysitting our babies.

I don't know why it made sense to Ivy Memorial Day would be a good time to move to a new apartment. Everyone she knows would be riding jet skis, eating hot dogs, attending graduation ceremonies, babysitting dogs and yaks, except me. I had no excuse. I could have used the excuse"Do you know how many birthdays, I've had? How about back surgeries?" I had legitimate excuses, but I couldn't bring myself to use them.

I am making a promise to myself. I will never again help carry furniture from the second floor of an apartment, down the stairs and then carry the same furniture up the stairs to the second floor of another apartment. I will never again devote ten hours of a holiday weekend to moving furniture. Full Disclosure: A lot of the furniture broke down into pieces and Ivy carried most of it.

I will, however, remember the Memorial Day weekend when I foolishly helped my child move to her new apartment. I will remember waking up in the middle of the night with leg cramps that rival kidney stones. I've had both. Thank God, my leg cramp caused (construction language) didn't wake Elaine or the puppies. Thank God, I was able to walk off the cramps by walking around the bed in the dark. There was no way I was going to attempt the stairs. I'm sure if Elaine would have woke up she would have said, "Are you alright? You should have drank more water."

The cramps are gone. My legs move this morning, at half speed, but they move.

I will remember this Memorial Day. Not fondly, but I'll remember it.

Please remember the true reason for the holiday. Take the time to say a prayer for someone who is no longer here. Before the hotdogs. and you fire up the jet ski.

Love you, God Bless, hire movers, buy yarn

Our crazy lives!



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