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It was a nice week. I was back in retirement. Grammerly says there is no such word as reretired, but that is exactly what I accomplished. If the new generation can make up words like "woke" then I sure as (construction language) can make up words like "reretired".

Girl Twin and her "new" car are back working without my help. She was able to get to her houses and I didn't need to drop her off. I was able to slide back into retirement just like it was meant to be. I didn't waste any time getting back to doing the things retirees do. I was able to fulfill my health insurance deductible requirement. That one didn't exactly make Elaine happy. If I missed any Westerns on television, it was because I didn't want to watch them. I ran errands for Elaine and me, I repotted house plants, and I looked outside to see if the wind stopped and I spent some time reflecting on things that have bothered me over the years.

I wonder if someone could inform me as to when the "city dump" was changed to the "county landfill". I worry about things. When I was a child it seemed like most Saturdays, my dad would load up the week's garbage and take it to the "city dump". It made me happy to go with him. We would gag from the smells which incidentally, were lessened by the fact that trash was burned at the dump in those days.

In high school, it became my responsibility to take the garbage to the dump. Dad would "let" me "borrow" his truck on Saturday to take the family garbage to the dump. It was OK, It didn't take long and I got to drive his new pickup.

I met Elaine's father at the dump. Well, I didn't actually meet him, I saw him. In those days I wasn't allowed to let him see me. Captain Dave was all military. I had hair longer than Elaine's. I was welcome at Elaine's house when Captain Dave wasn't home.

My friend and I were at the dump one Saturday, we were instructed to park next to a mid-fifties dark green Chevy pickup, just like the one that usually parks next to Elaine's house. The driver of the pickup was wearing military fatigues, boots, and military black horn-rimmed glasses. His hair was neatly cut and trimmed on the back to halfway up his head. My hair could not be described as neatly trimmed.

My friend and I finished unloading our truck at about the same time Captain Dave finished unloading his truck. We made eye contact. Captain Dave looked me in the eye and said, "Would you boys like to use my broom?" That was the first words my father-in-law said to me. Top that!

Spending the week reflecting on the dump makes perfect sense, when you know the entire story. The dump, which is now called the landfill. I've decided they changed the name to landfill so mansions could be built on the hills overlooking the landfill. No one wants a mansion overlooking a dump.

Elaine has told me many times that I cannot wear my frocs outside. I don't know if I can't hear her or I just don't listen. I had the same problem in school. Lord knows I try to take her advice, but it is just so hard. I wore my the landfill. After she told me not to. It gets worse. Frocs do not have thick soles. at least not as thick as that rusty nail was long.

It gets worse. Did you know if frocs could break off a minute piece and somehow get in your bloodstream it could have serious ramifications? I didn't. A quick x-ray can determine if you have a piece of a froc in your foot and/or bloodstream. Lucky for me. But my luck didn't stop there. I get to take some antibiotics for ten days the size of a mayonnaise jar lid, after having IV antibiotics in the ER.

I should have just kept driving for Girl Twin.

God Bless, Love ya, Buy yarn, I need a place to wear my frocs.

Our crazy lives!



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