She's Home

Ivy's home from Iceland. Life is back to normal for Elaine and I, as well as Ivy.

The time change between Iceland and Colorado is six hours. By the time Elaine and I would get up in the morning Ivy would have been up for hours. No more 6:30 AM phone calls for Elaine and I. No more texts at 2:30 AM. No more $10.00/day spent on phone calls.

Ivy went to Iceland in hopes of learning Icelandic knitting techniques, but she learned so much more. Important things, like the taste of fermented shark is washed away with cumin-infused vodka. Now I'm not the most traveled person on the planet, so who am I to tell an entire country they are doing it wrong, but clearly the vodka should be consumed before tasting fermented shark.

Ivy taste the shark but she did it wrong. She ordered the sha