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Time Moves On

No one is playing football currently unless you count that league of has-beens and never-been that play sometime during the week. Elaine has been able to occupy her time weaving and power-poling. Let me explain that. Power-poling has NOTHING to do with dancing. You, people, need to get out of the gutter. We don't even have room for a pole in our house. We have way too many spinning wheels and weaving looms for even a small pole.

Elaine is saving the planet every day (five days a week) drawing and designing power poles so we can someday all drive electric cars. Well, not everyone. Some will need to walk or ride a bike. Anyway, full disclosure, Elaine has been designing the powerline between the poles. Do you know how those big wires seem to be sagging? They sag for a reason, who knew? Elaine is working on the sag of powerlines for some small electric co-op that probably won't have five total electric cars. Monner, why are we talking about electricity?

Well, the lack of football has left a hole in Elaine's schedule, and Elaine has filled it with sag "templates". But, I think all of that is about to change. It's baseball season. I have watched two of three games of my beloved Colorado Rockies. Elaine has watched parts of those games with me. It was like we didn't miss football at all.

Elaine positions her spinning wheel in front of her spinning (or knitting) chair and settles in. I get to answer questions like, "Who is that guy?"

Me: He's the second baseman.

Elaine: He must be new. Me: His beard is new, he has been here for about six years.

And so it starts. Elaine is settled now.

Elaine: Do you think the letters on their shirts are easy to read?

Me: I have never really noticed.

Elaine: They could use a better font.

Me: (under my breath) They play one hundred sixty-two games.

The Rockies won, and things are looking good. In the second game of the series, the Rockies' opponents came out in new uniforms. I am not sure they took Elaine's suggestion about the fonts, but they had totally different uniforms. If they did follow Elaine's suggestion of fonts, they did not follow her suggestion of colors. The new uniforms were a combination of pastels, easter egg colors! OMG! It was on!

Elaine: Why are the uniforms those colors? Me: They forgot to tell me. Elaine: Did you notice the pink and green letters are hard to read?

Me: That's OK, we know who they are.

Elaine: The catcher has bright yellow sleeves.

Me: Yes, he does.

Elaine: If the sleeves were pink, I think it would be easier for the pitcher to see his mitt.

Me: You might be right, we can call them after the game.

The yellow sleeves seemed to work in the Rockies' favor as they won their second game. I decided not to call their opponent and give them a head's up on those sleeves. We're just going to let that one ride.

I'm really looking forward to the remaining one hundred sixty games or so. I will watch the plays and players. Elaine will critique uniforms for fonts and colors. Heaven, I love summer.

The lack of actual football shouldn't be a big deal for Elaine and me. The local NFL team has announced they are investigating the changing of their uniforms. Did you get that? Changing their uniforms. There is a strong possibility they will be contacting Elaine for advice. And they could use some help.

Who has ever seen a blue and orange horse? Forget the one at Denver International Airport, that's not real. And one more thing, why don't we call the team the Donkeys any longer? Donkeys (or horses) are brown, tan, black, white, and even terracotta. All Elaine's favorite colors. I hope they call Elaine, she could really help.

In the meantime, she is knitting and weaving saving the planet one power pole at a time. You could do your part in saving the planet by increasing your knitting, crocheting, and weaving, also. Buy yarn!

I love doing this for you guys........sometimes. Send your letters. God Bless.

Our crazy lives!



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