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Two Names

I was given a name at birth that I will answer to. I will also answer to a name I was given in my forties. I have always wondered about my birth name and where in the (construction language) my parents came up with it, but never actually asked anyone why. It was like my parents to set me up to be the black sheep of the family. If you don't believe me, check this out. This is a list of my siblings and first cousins' names.

David (Davie)

Douglas (Dougie) Debra (Debbie)

Sandra (Sandie) George (Georgie)



Is anyone noticing a pattern here?

Charles (Chuckie)

Barbara (Barbie)

Thomas (Tommie)

Michelle (Shelley)

Somewhere in the middle of all those (ie)s comes a Darrell. There were no Darrell's before me, so where did it come from? From the day I was born, I just didn't fit in. Mom might have realized her mistake and tried to correct it. My middle name is Lee. Darrell Lee, which is exactly what my grandmother called me until the day she died.

Grandma was the only one that did that to my name. I really didn't mind, but some of those (ie)s, now in their fifties, sixties, and seventies are still (ie)s. He. he, he.

That's the story of my birth name and I have no idea why I'm telling it. My plan is to talk about my other name. Some of you know the story and some of you might have read a story about my name a few years ago, but some of you are new readers so here's the story.

Here is the story of Monner's Mumblings. If you are reading this, you already understand the Mumbling part, so let's get to the Monner part.

Our story begins in a western clothing store in Austin, Texas. Elaine and I were in Texas for the annual Jerry Jeff Walker Birthday Bash. RIP, Jerr. Elaine and I were shopping for cowboy boots when my cell phone rang. Yes, I had a cell phone way before you guys got a pay my bills, order my lunch, find my way home, and text your kids, smart phone. Sorry! Our son Alex was on the phone. BTW, I wanted to name him Peter or Benjamin, but Elaine thought my family would change his name to Petey or Bennie. It could have happened, I guess. Again, sorry.

Alex informed us, that he and his significant other were expecting a child. Turns out it was two kids but who's counting? Elaine may or may not have started crying in that store, telling me, "You know we are going to need to raise that kid?" Turns out it was two kids, but who's counting?

Fast forward. Elaine was semi-right, when the babies were born Elaine and I did a lot of babysitting. Eventually, Elaine was One hundred percent right, but that's a story for another day. The twins were learning to talk and walk and I would growl at them and chase them. They thought I was a monster, but they couldn't quite say monster. They said Monner. That's how it began.

As time went on, Monner stuck. To this day the twins, their friends, their friend's parents, and even their teachers call me Monner. That's the story. The truth is almost no one under twenty-one years old calls me Darrell. No one living calls me Darrell Lee.

And that my friends is the story of Darrell Lee and Monner. I hope this helps you understand. Now go buy yarn! Elaine hasn't stopped buying yarn. Twice last week the UPS guy dropped off two cardboard boxes of weaving yarns. Big boxes! I knew better, but I asked

Me: Did someone order these?

Elaine: Oh no! These are mine! I'm going to weave a "Bunch of new stuff!" Do you want to hear about it?

Me: Can we sell some of it?

Elaine: It's mine, all mine, Ah, ha, ha!

I can get you some. Just get on the website and I will help you out. Love you guys, God Bless

Our crazy lives!

Monner (Darrell)

PS If you read last week, you might have noticed some significant typos. I forgot to ask my proofreader to check out the story. Don't worry, I fired her. She asked me to move out. I hired her back, but I had to give her a raise.


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