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Up at Three

I didn't plan on getting up at 3:00 AM, but life is full of unplanned events. It is not unusual for me to be up at 3:00 AM, or 2:00 AM or 4:00 AM, now that I think about it. There are just things a guy my age needs to take care of.

It is unusual for me not to go right back to bed. One of our motion activated outside lights was on, the really bright one. Standing at the window, I didn't immediately see what had activated the light. Usually, it is something like a rabbit. The motion sensor is very sensitive. It wasn't a rabbit. Standing in the yard, just past where the light starts to dim was a large black mass. Mac the yak had escaped his pasture, corral, and barn.

It was 3;00 AM, and I had a dilemma. Against my better judgment, I went back to bed deciding to deal with it in the morning. I don't know why I went back to bed. My mind was whirring. What if he decides to get in the garden? I have successfully been growing pumpkins for the first time since moving up here. What if he tries to get water from the chicken waterers? A twelve-hundred-pound Yak could destroy a waterer with one step. I was totally awake now.

Not that I haven't had to get Mac back in the pasture before, but I forced myself to stay in bed and wait for daylight. The idea of going outside alone in total darkness, even with the aid of motion-activated lights didn't seem like it was something I should try. I tried to go back to sleep.

I know I must have been able to get back to sleep around 5:00 AM. I know this because the chickens woke me up at 5:45. The sun was up. It was time to see what Mac had destroyed. Nothing, he didn't destroy anything. Mac was standing at the gate waiting for someone to let him back in.

I decided to get back in bed. Elaine was lying in bed with her face peeking out of the blankets not knowing I"ve already had a morning to remember. It was sixty-six degrees in our room with the windows open. I took off my crocs, the real ones Girl Twin bought me for Christmas, not the cheap ones I buy from Wally World, and climbed into a now freezing bed. No chance of going back to sleep, I got up again and made coffee. Elaine still peeking out sound asleep.

I had a birthday this past week. It was a pretty good day. It started with a trip to town to visit a cardiologist. Yes, I am that old. The nurses wished me a happy birthday. The cardiologist told me I looked great. I told him he looked pretty good himself.

The kids were here. They came bearing gifts. I can't be sure but I think this is the first time Elaine didn't need to give the twins money to buy my gift. That makes the gifts extra special.

For reasons unknown, this birthday reminded me of this blog. I remember very distinctly writing a blog about turning double nickels. Well, that was a long while ago. That's a whole bunch of stories, and I'm not through yet. I'm sure Mac will get out again.

Our crazy lives!



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