Vinyl siding and the Senior Citizen

Painting the exterior of our house is something I truly dread. I don’t like to paint the house myself and I don’t like paying someone else to paint it. I just can’t win.

When we moved into this house it was covered with wood siding painted blue. Most of the siding had deteriorated to a point where it needed to be replaced and then repainted. Knowing that I was going to hate painting this house every few years, I started looking into an alternative to paint. Elaine and I settled on vinyl siding. We cover every inch of the exterior of this house in vinyl or pre-finished metal. We were never going to paint again.

The vinyl siding worked pretty well. That was until something broke a piece of the siding by the front door. That gave the dogs a place to chew and grab. They worked at it until they had removed and destroyed an area of siding about 5’x 5’.

Elaine went to the internet and found a vinyl siding repair company. She scheduled an appointment. The representative of the company called Elaine the morning of the appointment. He was sick and needed to reschedule. They agreed to meet in another two days. This time Elaine was sick. It made sense for me to take Elaine’s place.

I called the representative.

Me: Bruce, it would work better for me to meet in the store.

Bruce: It would better for me to meet there, also.

Me: Great, when would you like to meet?

Bruce: I can be there anytime.