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For Alaina’s Wedding

Ivy is in Philadelphia, I'm in charge of the store. This is going to be great.

Ivy flew out to Philadelphia for a friend's wedding. This was a friend from Ivy's cowgirl days. They met at the dude ranch not far from our place. The two of them and some twenty other kids were playing cowboy and cowgirl during the summer tourist seasons a few years ago.

These kids were from across the United States. They were a pretty diverse group of kids. They have remained friends using Facebook. One is in med school. Another kid is an ultra sound tech. One is a Peace Corp volunteer. Her sister is a fashion designer. There was an EMT; a budding rodeo star, a nurse and a high school counselor. One kid, the cook, moved to Nashville, going to be a star. One kid runs a yarn store. And one kid is a………..jouster.

Yep, ol' Roger is a professional jouster. The kind with a suit of armor, ride your horse carry a big long stick and knock the bad knight off his horse, jouster.

I know the world has passed me by in a lot of ways, but I'm pretty sure the need for good jousters isn't what it once was. This leaves me wondering. Let's say Rog has a kid of his own some day. On "Bring Your Dad to School Day" would that child be required to tell its classmates, "my dad's a jouster"?

Ivy woke me up one knight (pun intended) informing me she had just seen Rog on the History Channel, on some jousting show. Sure enough, a quick Google check and it was him. He was a cowboy when we knew him, complete with a dirty old cowboy hat.

Now he wears a baseball cap. Perfectly straight bill, tilted 25 degrees up and to the left. (I wish these kids would look at Babe Ruth and learn to wear a baseball cap) We didn't see him actually joust, but he's on the show.

Wow, how the heck did I get off on this? This is a story about me running a yarn store.

Running the store is tough. I had to place a yarn order. I dialed up someplace in New York and told them exactly what Elaine told me to order. Some lovely lady came in looking for help on a pair of socks she was knitting and I pointed right to where Elaine was standing and told her, "Elaine can help you with that!" I successfully re-skeined some yarn. Elaine had to retie it for me. She tells me she doesn't mind helping me if I wait for her to finish with the customers.

I'm getting pretty good at running the store. Ivy will be home Tuesday and back in the store. We will most likely have a power struggle when she gets back and want to be the manager again. I'm not going to worry about it. If she wants her job back I will try to find something to remodel.

Our crazy lives!


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