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I didn’t like that glass anyway!

The best part of coming home after a long day in the store, is seeing how excited the dogs are to have you home again. The worst part about coming home after a long day in the store is how excited the dogs are to have you home again.

When we leave the house Emma, the Pyrenees and Walter, the Great Dane mix hold down the inside of the house, while Maggie and Lizzie keep track of what's going on outside. Once you know the personalities of the dogs you will understand why the dogs are separated.

Emma is the oldest dog. She hates to be left behind. The truth is there has not been a fence, property line or raging creek that can hold her if she is left home alone. If you leave this dog outside, she will jump the fence and be at the driveway before you are. Emma is locked in the house when we leave home. She doesn't really like it. That's why Walter stay's in the house with her, that and dig in the trash.

Walter is okay, but not really happy about being in the house, however, that leaves him alone with the trash in the cabinets. We have a childproof lock on the cabinet but if it is not perfectly latched Walter can open it faster than I can.

Should you come to our house when we aren't home, Walter will be the dog holding the door open for you, Emma will be the one trying to eat you.

Lizzie and Maggie stay outside. Lizzie cannot be left inside. If something is left unattended at an elevation of 6' or less and is not glued down, it is a target for Lizzie to try to get it down for you. Not to eat or anything like that. She enjoys the chase. Poor Maggie, she has to stay with Lizzie.

When we get home, we have two dogs that are really excited to get outside. And we have two dogs that are really excited to get inside. This creates about a sixty second dogpile usually in the middle of the living room.

Elaine and I came home earlier this week and opened the doors to "greet" the dogs. All four dogs (about four hundred pounds of them) met Elaine at the same time in the dining room. The collision pushed Elaine into a dining room chair. The chair went flying into Elaine's mothers Grandfather clock, breaking the glass out of the front of the clock.

I was thinking, "this is great, now we can get rid of some of these dogs." Nope, didn't happen that way. Elaine looked at me and said, "I have always wanted to get beveled glass for that clock."

The dogs are still living with us, Elaine gets her beveled glass. See everybody wins!

Our crazy lives!


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