Shoes and Chickens

With this group of kids, life is never dull. Even when you want it to be.

When the twins learned to tie their own shoes we stopped buying shoes with Velcro closures. It really doesn't make sense to have stopped buying Velcro shoes, but the twins wanted shoes they could tie.

Just because they can tie their shoes, doesn't mean they will tie their shoes. I/we have spent the last five years asking them to tie their shoes.

Me: Tie your shoes. Girl or Boy Twin (totally interchangeable): I did! Me: Tie them again. G or B: They won't stay tied. Me: Ok, let's get Velcro. G or B: No Monner!

We might have learned a lesson. Girl Twin was riding her bike when her shoe strings wrapped around a pedal. It didn't work out all that great for her. She fell and bruised her ego. (Believe me; I know how important an ego can be) Both kids are now tying their shoes. I'll bet they tie them for another three or four days.

No matter what anyone tells you how much they enjoy it, farm animals equal work. Imagine the thrill I experienced when Ivy came to me with the words, "Monner, we need some chickens".

Me: Why? Ivy: I have always wanted chickens; and ducks. I want to name a duck, Quackenbush. Me: What are we going to do with them? Ranchers don't name their chickens, or ducks. Ivy: Eggs! I'm going to name every one of them. Me: We don't eat many eggs, and we don't have a chicken coop. Ivy: We could build one! Me: WE? Ivy: I could help. Me: Ivy, don't do anything before we get a coop built.

And then I blinked. Ivy was at the Farm and Ranch store. She purchased