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It looks like spring is here. It would be really nice if we could get a couple of spring showers. The winter was really dry. The pastures need moisture desperately.

Not everything about spring pleases me. I have already killed a rattlesnake. More like put it out of its misery. Someone had driven over it about on the road about a mile from our house. It was alive when I found it. It wasn’t alive when I left.

After sleeping inside all winter long, the puppies are realizing the nights are getting warmer. Lizzie would prefer sleeping outside, but not alone. Maggie has not decided to sleep outside, yet.

It is hard to believe that those two dogs came from the same litter. Lizzie looks more like a “muppet” than a dog. Her hair (and beard) defies gravity. The only direction it doesn’t point is down.

Maggie is classically beautiful. Except for a couple of spots, where her hair mats behind her ears.

A few years ago I/we lost our Rottweiler. That dog was the best friend I've ever had. Lucy was the most gentle dog that ever walked the planet. At 135 lbs., she slept on the bed with Elaine and me. It got to the point if she wasn’t on my feet, I couldn’t sleep. When she felt it was necessary, she could become the stereotypical Rottweiler. She had a crazy instinct for knowing when she to be in charge. When our children got to wrestling , either in anger or playfully, Lucy got between them before it could get out of hand. She knew when it was her job to see who was at the door.

Other than the dog ate more television remotes (9 remotes) than the law allows, she was my idea of a perfect dog. Oh yeah, she did eat some guys cell phone once. We had a carpenter working on the house. Lucy took the cell phone out of his tool belt. We found the phone (or what was left of it) in the back yard. Can you believe the guy was mad? It cost me $200.

I brought up Lucy because I thought I could never replace that dog. I am beginning to change my mind. Maggie is becoming a lot like Lucy. She keeps the other dogs in line. She is trying to climb on our bed. (I can’t let that happen again).

I need to change this to a yarn store blog.

When my construction life slowed down last fall Elaine asked me if I could build her a couple sock blockers.

Me: What’s a sock blocker?

Elaine: When a knitter makes socks they stick the sock on a foot shaped piece of wood or something to assist in shaping the sock.

Me: Huh?

Elaine: I will show you on the internet.

After looking at sock blockers on the internet.

Me: It looks like you can buy them right here.

Elaine: Wouldn’t it be great if you could build them while you are not busy?

Me: I am busy. I need to go to the bank, dye yarn, and make coffee. I am busy.

Elaine: Do you really think you need to do any of those things?

Me: Do I need to make the for every size foot?

Elaine: No, just a couple sizes.

Me: Ok, but I’m going to be really tired.

I cut out a couple foot shaped pieces of wood. I showed them to Elaine and Ivy.

Me: What do you think of these?

Elaine: Those look great, maybe you should shape them a little more like this.

Me: To do that, I need to throw these away and start over.

Elaine: Yeah.

After two months and $300, (I bought some new tools) I have sock blockers that could have been bought for $15. Elaine hung one in the store.

One of our customers noticed the sock blocker. She asked Ivy if I could make sock blockers for her.

Ivy: Monner, can you make sock blockers for M$%y.

Me: Why can’t she just buy the one hanging there?

Ivy: It’s not big enough.

Me: She can get them on the internet.

Ivy: She wants to buy two of yours.

Me: Ok, but if the checks don’t get to the bank it’s not my fault.

I picked a couple pieces of wood I thought would look really nice. They were too small so I laminated them together. I cut out the foot shapes and sanded them smooth. I wasn’t in a big hurry and neither was the customer. I wanted them to really look good.

I finished sanding on one of the blockers and went to do something outside. When I came back to sand the other sock blocker, they were gone. Yep, Maggie. She was lying under a table chewing the sock blockers. Just like Lucy would have done.

I need to stop writing now. I need to make some sock blockers.

Our crazy lives!


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