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Almost a Happy Ending

I thought I would write this week to update one of my earlier stories. It is really nice when a story ends happy. If you remember a friend (Kerry) and I were having a dispute with 22 doctors over who was paying for a building permit to remodel their reception area.

I'm happy to report that everyone is happy, especially the doctors' children; my friend's kids and my kids, not as much.

I must say the reception area looks really nice. The upgrade was much needed. The doctors' (that I actually talked to) are really glad they decided to upgrade their facilities. Some of them were considering a party to "christen" their new waiting room.

My friend sent a final invoice to the managing partner. I became a little nervous when my buddy told me we did not receive a check. He called the business office and was told "the check was in the mail" (not kidding).

Kerry waited a couple more days and inquired again. He was told the check was returned in the mail to the doctor's office. Kerry asked the business manager to not mail the check again, and we would pick it up.

When Kerry picked up the check, the amount did not match the invoice. The check was short $596. That amount was the exact amount as the building permit. Kerry said to me, "Well, I guess we learned a lesson there." Kerry obviously wanted to be nicer than I wanted to be.

I don't mind learning a lesson every now and then. But this was a lesson that just didn't sit right. I called the business manager. I might have been a little perturbed. I asked her for the names of all 22 doctors. I asked her if those 22 doctors would like to see Kerry and I in small claims court.

Something I said must have worked. A couple hours later, I received a call from one of the 22 doctors. (Not the managing partner.) He seemed like a really nice guy. He suggested we split the price of the building permit in half. Heck, I didn't want to spend the day in court either. He promised he would send a check out, that very day for $298. I said that would be fine.

For those of you who don't have a calculator handy, $298 split between 22 doctors is $13.54. I am feeling kind of ashamed of myself. I'm guessing we prevented a couple of those doctors to not buy lattes for maybe two days.

Kerry and I went home and told our kids they will be brown bagging at school for a while. That's OK. The part that hurts is Kerry and I didn't get invited to the "christening".

Our crazy lives!


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