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Good ideas can get you fired

Have you ever had a nap ruined by a feeling something is wrong?

Ivy works awfully hard in the store. I know I have told slightly different versions of that last statement. Ok, it was hugely different. But the truth is Ivy doing quite well in the store.

Last week I finished the day early in my construction life. I stopped by the store to see how Ivy was doing.

Occasionally I have an idea for the store that Elaine and Ivy will let me actually use. While in the store, I looked around and everything seemed to running smoothly. I suggested to Ivy that she take the rest of the afternoon off and I would stay and run the store. Those are the kind of my ideas that Ivy will listen to.

Customer traffic seemed a little slow, heck, I can watch this place for awhile. It gives me some time to read the newspaper on the internet. Ivy headed for home.

I checked out a couple customers and went back to the internet. I sat for awhile and decided that I would get a little more comfortable and read in a chair. Man, all that reading can make you tired.

I came up with another great idea! Lay my head down. What's the worst that can happen? We have a bell on the door that will alert me if a customer walks in the door. I'm going to close my eyes.

I don't know how long my eyes were closed, but I do know that when I opened them I was not alone in the store. Some lovely lady had opened the door, (she had to have rung the bell) walked past me and was shopping in the next room.

Hey, we construction guys get really tired working all morning.

Me: Err, Wow! Ah, may I help you? Lady: It sounded like a roaring lion in here. Me: Oh wow! Hey, are you a knitter? (I'm thinking its best to change the subject)

I was thinking, "Please God, don't let this woman be a regular customer who will share this experience with Ivy and Elaine." Turns out she was new customer that had never been in the store before. It's only a guess, but I betting she won't be back either.

Most likely I will be fired after Elaine and Ivy read this, but, I really think it was their fault. They don't listen to my ideas, what would make them think it was a good idea to give Ivy the afternoon off?

Ok, I'm going to change course here. We are headed into a Memorial Day weekend. I hope you can take a couple minutes to remember someone you've lost. Cry, laugh and hold the ones that are still here.

We miss and love you, Alex. The twins are doing fine.

Our crazy lives!


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