Schools out!

School is finally out for the summer. No more homework! At least, no homework for me.

The twins didn’t fare as well. They have homework. (I’m serious.) Not summer school homework, more like prep for fourth grade home. The third grade class met with their next year teacher. He assigned projects for them to do over the summer and bring them back next fall. The twins don’t seem to mind, and started their fourth grade homework before they were out of the third grade.

Forty some years ago, when I was in the third grade for the first time, a new kid came to our elementary school. He was from Texas and was pretty worldly. Brad taught our school all the “bad” words.

If my fourth grade teacher had asked me to bring my summer homework back in the fall, I might have used some of those “bad” words on him.

Elaine and I went for ride in the hills Tuesday night on the four-wheelers. About ten minutes into our ride Elaine’s four wheeler started sputtering. The good thing was it was just out of gas. (The four wheelers have become the favorite toy of the twins. Of course they wouldn’t tell me they needed gas.) The bad thing was, we were a ways from home.

I had a strap and tied the two four-wheelers together and start to tow Elaine home. I was just about dusk. We were just pulling into our driveway and I notice a new black colored “rock” just outside our pasture. I turned and asked Elaine, “Hey, what’s the black thing on the hill?”

The “rock” started moving. Before my eyes the “rock” turned into a bear, and a pretty good size one. He/she started running away from us, stopping to look back a couple times before going out of site over the next hill. Of course, we didn’t have a camera. That was really unfortunate, as we were close enough to have gotten some incredible photos.