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I think I might have become too comfortable. As many of you know I have retired from my construction career. I have settled into a new life that makes me wish I would have retired fifty or so years ago. I haven't set an alarm clock in over a year. Oh, I still get up at first light, but I sit and drink more coffee now.

I like not having a construction project to drive/fly to. I do have almost nightly dreams about things going wrong/or right on a project. I have reoccurring dreams that I cannot finish a project because I cannot find the project. I drive around looking for the construction site that somehow got moved since I was there last. I also have dreams that I ditched every day of high school and now I need to tell my mother why I won't graduate. My dreams are better than television.

Back to my comfortable lifestyle. My schedule is mine. It is quite comforting to know that each day I can have an extra cup of coffee or two, while Elaine decides what I am going to clean, build, or repair.

Sadly, my comfortable life went away last Thursday with a phone call from Girl Twin. Getting a midday call from any one of our children is extremely rare. I have been told not to call my kids when they are at work, sleeping, or busy. We don't talk on the phone much which is very comforting. Back to the midday call.

Me: Hello

Girl Twin: Monner, I just rear-ended a guy in a mail truck

Me: Are you OK?

Girl Twin: The airbag hit me in the face.

Me: Are you bleeding? Is the guy OK?

Girl Twin: I am not bleeding. The guy is walking with a limp.

Me: How bad is the damage?

Girl Twin; The front of my car is damaged, but it is driveable. There is no visible damage to the mail truck.

Me; Well, you have insurance. let them take care of it. What do you want from me?

Girl Twin: Monner, because the airbag deployed, they need to call an ambulance.

Me: OK, if you aren't hurt you don't need to get in the ambulance

Girl Twin: The mail guy told a witness he wants to go to the hospital.

Me: Let insurance take care of it. Do you need anything from me?

Girl Twin: I might need a ride.

Me: OK, you realize I am an hour away.

Girl Twin: Yes

It turns out her car was not driveable. The fan was pushed against a housing and not turning. The car overheats. I drove to the site of the accident to find Girl Twin sitting in her car.

Me: What's going on?

Girl Twin: I'm waiting for Maddie to give me a ride.

Me: I just got ready and drove forty-five minutes to give you a ride.

Girl Twin: That's why I called Maddie, you took too long

Me: (Construction language)

Girl Twin doesn't have an extra car. She needs a car for her work. She has a house cleaning business/job.

My comfortable life ended on the back of that mail truck. I am now taking her to the houses she cleans. while her insurance takes care of her car. I'm sorry for enjoying my comfortable life, I will never take it for granted again.

God Bless, Love ya, Buy yarn

Our crazy lives!


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