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December Yarn Sale

As you might have guessed Your Daily Fiber is a family run store. The truth is it is really run by Elaine and Ivy, which certainly are part of the Sipes family. Occasionally, they humor me by asking my opinion about something in the store. Not very often, but occasionally.

Recently, I found myself having a few extra hours in my day. I thought this would be a perfect time to involve myself in the store. I took it upon myself to be the 'good idea guy". In my previous life I was always the person the sat in the office and planned what the others will be doing.

I have not been very successful incorporating my skills into management of Your Daily Fiber. Seems my "team" has little time or desire to listen to my ideas.

I thought I had a great idea for a Christmas sale. I proposed to the team we have a "Let's Help the Men Sale". I proposed we give men ( husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers, etc.) help picking Christmas gifts for their loved ones and offer 15% off on their purchases. The proposal didn't go over very well.

Elaine: What are you doing for the women?

Me: Nothing, this is a men's sale.

Elaine: You need to do something for the women.

Me: I am. They get the gift.

Elaine: Everyone needs to be included in the sale. Do you really want to help?

Me: I thought that is what I was doing.

Elaine: There is a mop in the back, do you mind?

Our crazy lives


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