the People we Meet…

You meet incredible people in the fiber business. This industry is full of people even though they are competitors on some level; they are willing to help others succeed. We can actually say we have made many friends in this business.

The “grass-roots” fiber industry is successful and growing because the participants are taking the time to put out a great product. Secondly, the people in this business are generally, easily approached and fun to be around

As I have mentioned before, Elaine and I have attended many regional fiber trade shows as vendors and as well as customers.

A few years back, Elaine asked me if I wanted to participate as a vendor in the Pagosa Fiber Festival. Getting from Fort Collins to Pagosa Springs would mean a full day to travel get there. Of course, we would need to allow a day to get back,

What trade shows mean to me is, we pack a trailer with a large tent, yarns, spinning wheels, ne