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the People we Meet…

You meet incredible people in the fiber business. This industry is full of people even though they are competitors on some level; they are willing to help others succeed. We can actually say we have made many friends in this business.

The “grass-roots” fiber industry is successful and growing because the participants are taking the time to put out a great product. Secondly, the people in this business are generally, easily approached and fun to be around

As I have mentioned before, Elaine and I have attended many regional fiber trade shows as vendors and as well as customers.

A few years back, Elaine asked me if I wanted to participate as a vendor in the Pagosa Fiber Festival. Getting from Fort Collins to Pagosa Springs would mean a full day to travel get there. Of course, we would need to allow a day to get back,

What trade shows mean to me is, we pack a trailer with a large tent, yarns, spinning wheels, needles and racks to display everything you hope to sell. Hopefully, the trade show is near other shopping, just so we can purchase whatever we forgot to bring with us.

Anyway, we agreed to that attending the Pagosa Fiber Festival would be fun and quite possibly profitable.

Driving through southwest Colorado is spectacular, definitely worth the trip. We arrived without problems, set up the vendor booth and prepared for the customers.

If you have ever been a trade show, you might have noticed each booth will have something like a cash box to separate money and make change from. The more sophisticated vendors will bring along a cash register. Pockets in your pants will work, IF your pants aren’t too tight.

At the start of the show Elaine asked me where I had put the cash box.

I remembered putting the cash box on the kitchen table before we left for Pagosa. I remembered thinking it would be safe there and would be impossible to forget. I put it on the table. I was right about it being safe. It was still safely sitting on the table when we arrived home. It hurts to be this brilliant!

I asked the other vendors and customers the location of the nearest big box discount store where I could purchase a cash box and pick up some extra money for change.

I was directed to a vendor across the way.

She was from southwest Colorado and knew everyone in town. She was raising sheep and producing beautiful wool yarns and garments.

I asked her where I could pick up a cash box. She informs me she has an extra cash box and I was welcome to it.

Me: “Well, I need to find a place where I can change plastic to cash for change.”

Lady vendor: “I have change also”

Me: “You want to give me money for change?”

Lady vendor: “I didn’t say I would give it to you, I want it back at the end of the show.”

Me: “Thanks for clearing that up for me”

Elaine and I were so impressed by the kindness of our fellow vendor, and this was the start of a friendship and business association that has lasted for years. We are fortunate to have her products in our store.

Some of you may have guessed who we are writing about-

Our thanks to Elsa of Elsa Sheep and Wool Company.

Elsa has been and is one of the best parts of this whole crazy venture. We share the same sense of humor.

Merry Christmas to all,

Our crazy lives


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