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Pickin’ Yarn

Pickin’ yarn

Have you ever walked in to a yarn store and been overwhelmed with the selection? Now, imagine what it’s like ordering new yarn lines for a store.

Yarn distributors bring hundreds of yarns to the store. Elaine, Ivy and I review the selections and voice our opinions. The two of them have a vote. I get to pretend my opinion means something.

The fun starts when we agree on the order. I have the most fun when we THINK we agree. I would like to share a conversation about a recent yarn order.

Me: Hey, Did you order the yarn from (insert company here), that your Mom asked for?

Operation Manager: Not yet.

Me: It’s been quite a while, she is wondering where it is.

OPM: I didn’t order it and I’m not going to.

Me: Why?

OPM: It won’t sell.

Me: Did you tell your mother your thoughts?

OPM: Not yet.

Me: OMG! Order the yarn!

OPM: OK, but it won’t sell.

(later) customer: Do you have any yarn from (insert company here)?

Moral: Just listen to your Mother. Moms usually are right and Dads don’t like grumpy Moms. Thankfully, the order arrived.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, have you ever been awaken, at 11:00 PM by one of your children, with the words “Dad, I need your help, there is a pipe leaking in the basement”? Trust me, that will wake you up!

Thursday night, the Sipes family was awakened by Walter the dog. Actually, Walter woke Ivy, but I don’t like being left out of the story.

Walter must have heard the water as it hit the basement floor. His barking (and playing) woke Ivy. Ivy noticed the water coming out of the basement ceiling. This is where I come in. Ivy shut off the water main. My job was to find the leak. Turns out it was not a pipe at all. It was the ice machine on the refrigerator. Water was running through the ice machine out of the freezer compartment and thru the floor, through the basement ceiling.

I shut off the water valve to the refrigerator, Ivy, Elaine and I wiped up the water on the both floors and back in bed by 11:30 PM. Good job, Walter!

Of course, there is that little problem with the refrigerator. Good news, we were getting a new refrigerator to complete the kitchen remodel. Once again, the ranch tried to get me. I consider this a victory.

our crazy lives…


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