Pickin’ Yarn

Pickin’ yarn

Have you ever walked in to a yarn store and been overwhelmed with the selection? Now, imagine what it’s like ordering new yarn lines for a store.

Yarn distributors bring hundreds of yarns to the store. Elaine, Ivy and I review the selections and voice our opinions. The two of them have a vote. I get to pretend my opinion means something.

The fun starts when we agree on the order. I have the most fun when we THINK we agree. I would like to share a conversation about a recent yarn order.

Me: Hey, Did you order the yarn from (insert company here), that your Mom asked for?

Operation Manager: Not yet.

Me: It’s been quite a while, she is wondering where it is.

OPM: I didn’t order it and I’m not going to.

Me: Why?

OPM: It won’t sell.

Me: Did you tell your mother your thoughts?

OPM: Not yet.

Me: OMG! Order the yarn!