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Good-bye TK, my friend

TK, our oldest llama, passed away last night in his barn at the Sipes family ranch.

TK was the patriarch of the Sipes’ llama herd since he arrived in 1997. Elaine and I (and the kids) rescued TK and his three llama brothers from a ranch in eastern Kansas. TK was 10 years old when we rescued (bought) him. TK and the boys were the property of a tapestry weaver having some health issues and could not take care of them. Elaine saw the herd advertised, contacted the woman. I blinked and we were on a two day road trip to eastern Kansas, truck, trailer and all.

If you have been in the store TK’s picture is hanging on the wall He’s the llama with “angry” teeth. Elaine informs me his fiber was lousy. We’ve thrown most of it away over the years. TK had a lousy disposition. If one of the llamas were going to spit on me it was going to be TK. And not just spit, he was going to use the green partially digested grass that smells so wonderful.

Angry teeth, lousy fiber, bad disposition. But, there was just something about him. If you had a bucket of sweetened corn he was absolutely your best friend, a position he would not share. When sweetened corn was around TK, only the bucket holder was safe. Everybody and everything else gets spit on, llamas, alpacas, dogs, it just didn’t matter.

The Sipes family lost a friend last night. We will miss him!

Looks like the ranch got me this time.


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