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Computer Virus?

There has been some coughing, chest congestion thing going around our house. Boy twin missed two days of school. Girl twin, one day. Elaine worked at home most of last week. Ivy (the invincible) has been virus free. Me? Yes, I have it. I think I might have brought it into the house.

I have been spending time on the computer, lately. I get on It has a ton of information relating to yarn and yarn stores.

One of the threads on Ravelry, fiber artists have been discussing that several of them have a late winter cold. These artists are warm, loving, people with lots of ideas to make each other feel better. I think I caught the virus from them.

The computer industry has warned us for years we need to protect our computers from viruses, germs and worms. I guess I didn’t protect myself, now I have the very same symptoms I read about on Ravelry.

I’m not sure I believed in cyber viruses, but I do now!

These fiber artists on Ravelry suggest to each other that they take massive doses of chicken soup and sit and knit. My family has tells me it is time to feed the livestock. That’s a little different than giving me soup, but keeping track of my work schedule does show they care.

In a “Pot Calling the Kettle Black” moment Elaine suggested I should see a doctor. I have been seeing the same doctor for almost thirty years. I guess I would call him a friend. We have had some pretty candid conversations over the years.

Doc: Why are you here? Me: Can’t quit coughing Doc: I’ll give you a prescription for cough syrup. Go home and get some rest. Me: That’s it? Doc: No, give the desk. $65.00 on your way out Me: $65.00 for a prescription? Doc: No, its spring break, my kid will need a lift ticket Wednesday

I feel better already.

Our crazy lives!


PS OK, I might have fibbed a little. They give me soup and fed the animals.

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