The Internet will huff and puff and blow the store down

Jon Bon Jovi noticed the world has changed and he’s not happy about it. Bon Jovi verbally punched Steve Jobs at Apple last week. He accused Mr. Jobs of single-handily ruining the music industry.

Bon Jovi states with the invent of iTunes our children will not have the opportunity to take their allowance down to the local “brick and mortar” record store and pick their music from the artwork on the jacket. No more going to the record store to listen to songs on the headphones. No need to buy all the songs on the album. I don’t know about you, but I always thought some of the best songs on an album were the ones that didn’t make it on the radio.

Jon, my friend, I have to agree with you, sort of. There is something wrong with purchasing music with a few clicks of a keyboard and using your parent’s credit card.

The “brick and mortar” mom and pop record store is gone. Mom is now cooking at the retirement home. Pop is working in the electrical department at The Orange Depot. But I have news for you Jon my friend, it wasn’t Steve Jobs.

Long before iTunes another force was pushing Mom and Pop out the door. Stores like Barney and Nobility, Wally’s and Red Circle Store started the change years ago. At least, they were “brick and mortar”, and lots of it. These are the wolves that huffed and puffed and blew Mom and Pop down.

Hey, let’s talk about books. Wasn’t it great to have a Wall%^^books in the mall-kind of a shame that Mom and Pop had to close their store. There’s a lot of mortar in a mall. Books were cheaper in the mall. Remember what a happy day it was when Barney and Nobility came to town. The mall was getting a little shabby, anyway. I wonder what ever happened to Mom and Pop.