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What in the World is a Monner?

What’s a Monner?

I have this thing that I have always been able to entertain small children. My grandchildren are no exception. When the grandkids were toddlers, we spent many hours with me chasing them around the house and the property. As I would chase them, I would growl.

This was a game we played a lot. The children thought I was a playful monster. But, they couldn’t actually get the word monster out. They could say Monner.

Somehow the name Monner stuck. Now seven years later, the kids call me Monner. Grandma is Grandma to the kids, they call Ivy, Buddy.

The Buddy thing is a story in itself. When Elaine and I adopted the kids, they went to Ivy and asked “Will you be our mommy?” Ivy told them “No, but I’ll be your Buddy”. The name stuck.

It’s kind of funny. I am called Monner by most of our neighbors. The kid’s friends call me Monner. My brothers call me Monner. The kid’s school teachers call me Monner.

When the kids were in kindergarten, I chaperoned a field trip to the local petting farm. I was pushing little Alexandria (friend of girl twin) on the swings. She told girl twin “I wish I had a Monner”. She probably does and doesn’t realize it.

If you're ever somewhere and here kids yell, "Hey, twins your Monner's here!", look around, most likely I'm near by. Say, Hi! I don't growl at adults. (much)

So, that’s what a Monner is. Monner’s Mumblings is just the crap I write.

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