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another Great Pyrenees Story

When your brother asks if you know anyone that would want a free Great Pyrenees puppy you should just say Monner’s twins will take him/her. That”s what happened last weekend. And it happened to both twins. Each twin received a Great Pyr puppy.

Lizzie and Maggie

That brings the total number of dogs at our ranch to four. Emma, Walter, Lizzie and Maggie. The average weight of this pack should be about 125 lbs. each. We will be getting a bigger car to bring them back when Emma leads them off on her Friday night run down the creek bed.

Actually, getting the puppies to the twins was a huge story in itself. Except, Elaine won’t let me tell it. So much for Freedom of the Press (is this the press?). Where in the Constitution does it allow your spouse to limit your rights?

Down with the man!(and my wife)

Our crazy lives!


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