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Puppies, I’m not sure!

We’ve had the puppies a couple of weeks now, and quite frankly I have some concerns. Lizzie seems to be the cuter of the two. She is affectionate, seems to enjoy human contact. She follows us around the house. She wrestles and frolics around like you would expect of a puppy.

Maggie? I’m not sure she is a puppy at all.

I have spent the last couple of days researching animal behaviors on the internet. Specifically, I have been researching badgers, wolverines and polar bears. Maggie has characteristics of all three.

She has a pointed snout. Just like badgers, wolverines and polar bears. She likes to hide and attack my bare feet when I walk by. Badgers, wolverines and polar bears all attack prey by using some kind of deception. She will not let go of my foot once she has a good bite. Badgers, wolverines and polar bears are tenacious fighters with powerful jaws. Do you see where I’m going here?

Yesterday we found her outside with a dead bird in her mouth. (Makes me wonder which twin was watching her, sorry, I got distracted) Badgers eat birds. She will take food from the adult dogs. Wolverines will fight larger animals for food. She likes to sleep outside; polar bears prefer colder habitat.

I’ve tried to convince myself Maggie is just a puppy. I just can’t do it. Her fur is white. Badgers may have some white fur, but have a dark stripe on their body. Wolverines rarely have any white fur. That leads me to believe she is not a badger or a wolverine. Polar bears are white. It is pretty hard to rule out a polar bear. However, I have never observed Maggie attack a seal or caribou.

I’m thinking hybrid. It is 2011! Scientists are doing amazing work. Maybe they have crossed a badger, wolverine and polar bear. I really don’t know much about the breeders that gave us the “puppies”. Now that I think about it, they seemed a little too happy when we took Lizzie and Maggie home.

Lizzie “appears” to be a puppy. She does not eat birds. At least that we know of. (Remember the twins are in charge watching them while they are outdoors) (Oh- oh, I’m distracting myself again) Lizzie is white, like a polar bear. No stripe. She hasn’t challenged the adults for food. She does like to bite my feet. She is Maggie’s litter mate. Hmmm.

I better keep my eye on her also.

Our crazy lives!


PS Elaine thinks I’m an idiot, Ivy is sure of it.

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