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Can’t make this up!

One more quick story and I’ll move on.

A few years back, I received a Christmas gift from a client of mine. It was a coffee mug with the clients logo filled with candy covered coffee beans. Being a coffee enthusiast, I thought it was a great gift.

I made the mistake in leaving the gift in my truck overnight. The next morning I found the wrapping paper torn and every candied coffee bean missing. Having two near to adult children at the time it was easy to guess what happened to the coffee beans.

Each child blamed the other (which was typical). Not being able to find the culprit, I told both children “whoever it was, I hope you enjoyed them”. This wasn’t the first time something like this has happened.

Maybe a month later, one of kids said “Hey Pops, check this out” (this was pre-Monner days). He was staring into his open car trunk. Inside his trunk was rodent nest of tree branches, leaves, llama hair, shredded paper and CANDIED COFFEE BEANS.

That would have been the appropriate time to apologize for thinking he had a part in the “stealing” of my coffee beans. If I were that kind of parent. I thought it was a better time to ask him how long it’s been since he cleaned his car.

I think about the rodent parade, grabbing a coffee bean from my truck and placing in the trunk of the kid’s car, going back for another. I really wish I could have watched the parade.

Getting back to the apology, I’ve thought about it a couple times. I’ve decided to “owe” it to the kids. It’s not like they don’t “owe” me an apology for something. I think it will balance out.

There is a lesson here. If you are missing food from your car, look in the car parked next to it.

Our crazy lives!


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