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I should have kept my eye on her!

Easter isn’t getting off to a great start today. First of all, I got out of bed at first light (OK, second light or third). Mother Nature decided once again to explain to us who really is in charge. Here in Northern Colorado we were treated to a spring snowstorm. Not the kind of snowstorm where the sun comes out and everything is glistening. No, she gave us a snowstorm complete with low hanging clouds and fog in three beautiful colors; gray, grayer and grayest.

There won’t be many open-toed shoes at sunrise services today. Come to think of it, there isn’t much of a sunrise!

I like getting out of bed before the rest of the house gets up. Today was no exception. It was working well except Ivy actually was up first this morning. She wanted to talk so I had to work hard to ignore her. Conversation takes place after coffee, never before.

The puppies (if they really are puppies) were wrestling on the living room floor. I thought it would be a great time to join in the fun. I was getting the best of Maggie/Badger when Lizzie sneaked up and chomped down on my hand. It was not a great idea to jerk my hand out of her mouth. I’m sharing this lesson, even though I did not follow it myself.

Lizzie did a pretty good job biting me. Blood on the floor, in the sink and on the cabinets, and Ivy still talking, I get to clean my scratch, tear, or puncture wound (I'm looking for sympathy). Ivy realized what happened and went for the first aid kit.

Elaine is now awake. She asked “What happened? Your face is gray, you better sit down”. This is great; I’ll be able to milk this all day!

The twins are spending the day in town with their other grandparents. I’m going to keep my finger elevated above my head and moan often. Elaine and the kids might wait on me.

Happy Easter! Spend some time with your loved ones. Do something nice for somebody (get the first aid kit). God bless.

Our crazy lives!


PS Lizzie/Cujo shows no sign of remorse. Ok, I wasn't ignoring Ivy, but do you see what can happen when you get distracted.

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