Teenie, tiny computer and onions

I know my family reads this stuff. I also am quite aware they are here to terrorize me. They bought me a new computer. A very small computer. One with a tiny little case and tiny little screen. They said it was a Father’s Day gift, but I know it was to limit my access to the store computer. The one with full size keys, full size screen and even a full size case.

Family: Happy Father’s Day

Me: Thanks, but it’s not Father’s Day

Family: I know, we decided to get you a new computer of your own for Father’s Day

Me: It’s really small

Family: You will learn to love it.

Learn to love it! As a child playing in my backyard with my older brothers I was told I would learn to love something.

My mother sent my two older brothers and me out to our backyard garden to bring in some fresh vegetables. I mentioned to my brothers that I didn’t want to help pick the green onions. I was turned off by the smell. My brothers told me that onions were really good. I guess I disagreed.

That was about the time one of my brothers sat on my chest and the other brother forced the green onions into my mouth, mud and all. I remember being told “you’re gonna learn to love them”. Surprisingly, I didn’t love the onions or my brothers at that moment.