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Watchin’ TV in the recliner

At the time it was the most hyped television of the year. I had no desire to actually watch it. But I need to get this off my chest. I watched it. The Royal wedding.

I didn’t set out to watch it. The darn thing was on at like four in the morning. I didn’t really watch the wedding. I fell asleep watching cable news, when I woke up a recap of the wedding was on the television.

I was mesmerized. I was amazed at the hats on the women and the uniforms on the men. I’ve never paid attention to that royalty stuff, so this was a learning experience for me. I knew there was a King named Arthur who had a round table. As a child, I knew several people with round tables. What’s the big deal?

I am familiar with Robin Hood, but I don’t think that was about royalty. Kind of a cool story, but that doesn’t really happen in the real world. When I was young I helped myself to candy at the neighborhood convenience store. I gave some to my brother. When my Mom found out she took us back to the store to return the candy. She didn’t even care that I gave to the poor (my brother). He didn’t have any money. She didn't buy into the Robin Hood thing. Dream Killer! (Sorry, I got distracted again)

I wonder about the bright red uniforms on the men. I discussed it with Ivy. We guessed that some of the men were modern day knights. Very few of them looked like they could defend themselves, let alone the monarchs.

We decided it would be great fun to watch modern day knights in competition. Modern day knights jousting. Sir Paul McCartney on a horse racing full speed towards Sir Elton John. Each one with a lance. A collision in the middle of the field.

My money would be on Elton John. He would be the one most likely to wear a suit of armor. However, McCartney would be quicker, he might surprise me. I think that vegan thing might be a disadvantage for Paul, he would benefit by some additional body weight.

What about Sir James Coburn in a sword fight with Sir Anthony Hopkins? That would be in the olde timers division. (notice the “e” in olde, very old English of me) Sir Sean Connery battling Sir Roger Moore in the James Bond division. Personally, I think Sir Sean Connery whips all other knights, past and present.

Maybe someone should just turn off the television when they see me sleeping.

Our crazy lives!


PS I think some of the wedding guests were wearing wool. There, I wrote about fiber.

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