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Is this Karma?

I will never get snippy with a cashier again.

On a recent Saturday morning, on the way to the store, the twins informed me they did not have breakfast yet.

Girl Twin: I’m hungry

Me: Really? Why didn’t you have breakfast before we left home?

Girl Twin: I wasn’t hungry then.

Boy Twin: I’m hungry, too.

Me: What do you want me to do?

Boy Twin: I see the Golden Half-Circles, we could stop.

Now, it doesn’t bother me to pay $12 for breakfast when we could have eaten at home for a couple bucks, really it doesn’t. Plus if you get to eat in the car, that’s an added bonus. Why would I want the kids to spill orange juice on the dining room table when they could spill it in the car?

We drove up to the sign to place our order. Things are going great! We drive to the window to pay for our breakfast.

Girl Twin: Did I get one of those potato things?

Me: No, you didn’t order one of the potato things.

Girl Twin: I want one.

Me: %^**& (mumbled)

Now at the window,

Me: Can we get one of those potato things?

Boy with colorful arms and neck, plus many orifices in his body that weren’t there at birth: I already rang you up.

This is where I got to explain the value of customer service. I might have been a little emphatic!

Ok, let’s keep this little story in mind….

I’m working as the cashier in the store. (Oh-Oh, here it comes!) The cash register is set up to add individual items, compute and add sales tax, and track store inventory. All I need to do is press the buttons. Did I mention I have about a hundred buttons to choose from? (Ok, you caught me, there are only 52 buttons) Each button, when pushed out of sequence is capable of producing a scream that would rival the sound of a pig stuck under a gate.

A lovely woman hands me two items she would like to purchase. The items were not yarn. It is important to note that it was not yarn, because, I know which buttons to push for yarn. Maybe I can look up which button I need to push in THE book. Nope! Call Ivy! Ivy knows everything!

Ivy explains the buttons (again). I have it now. I press the six buttons I need to enter the first item. Everything is great. I press six buttons for the second item. The register screams.

Now what? Call Ivy! Ivy knows everything.

Ivy walks me through the transaction step- by-step. Everything is great! The register stops screaming. The customer is able to remove her hands from her ears.

Me: That will be $161.11

Customer: Do you take credit cards?

Me: Yes

Customer: Well, do you think you can figure out how to use the machine?

I’m getting tattoos and another earring!

Our crazy lives!


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