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Meet the llamas

Elaine has asked me to remind everyone we will be having two of our boy llamas at the store next Saturday, May21st. I offered to bring a llama to the store. Somehow my offer turned to two llamas, which doubles my work, if any of you would like to feel sorry for me. Oh well, at least you guys can meet two of the boys.

One of the boys we are planning to bring to the store would be Dillinger. He was the first llama born on our property. His parents were Pull (male) and Shove (female), Dillinger was born with a black "mask" around his eyes that reminded us of the infamous bank robber, John Dillinger.

As time went on, the name Dillinger became even more appropriate. Our Dillinger is an escape artist. He can find even the smallest opening in the fence and leave the pasture. He then sneaks back in, something the bank robber never did.

Dillinger is the only llama that has ever been sold off our ranch. He spent most of his early life being picked on by the rest of the herd, especially his mother. We sold him to friends of ours in Cheyenne that were raising alpacas. Soon after arriving in Cheyenne, Dillinger found it was more fun to abuse the alpacas rather than guard them. Learned behavior? They brought him back.

The other llama we are planning to bring is Kelly. If Kelly has a cute story about why he is called Kelly, I don't know it. He already had a name when we purchased him. I don't think he knows or cares what his name is. Come to think of it, I don't think any of our llamas know their names. They will come to me if I whistle.

Kelly is and always will be my favorite llama. If an animal is capable of "hate", Kelly "hates" coyotes and dogs. He hunts them! Our dogs know not to go near him. Occasionally they forget, Kelly will sneak up on them to get in a stomp or kick. It's almost "Ninja" like.

So here is a quick lesson in llamas. They may (or may not) let you pet them. If they don't want to be pet they will not come near you. Kelly does a weird thing. He likes to smell your face. He will not bite or try to chew, he WILL sniff your face . Remember, Kelly is not fond of dogs. Together, we will keep your dog out of his corral. LLamas WILL spit at dogs. They will NOT spit at you unless you anger them. .

If the boys decide to stay home we have plenty of other llamas to bring.

We can bring:

Push, male. our first llama (brother of Pull, deceased, killed by a rattlesnake)

Shove, matriarch of the herd, (shoves all other llamas away from food)

Yank, daughter of Shove, (I assisted in her birth by pulling her legs, yanking her out of her mother

Sox, daughter of Shove (white feet)

Dot, female, (rescue llama) spotted llama. Dot does not use both front legs. She suffered a compound fracture before she came to our ranch.

Indy, male, short for Indianapolis, By far our biggest hair producer, no personality, even the coyotes don't like him, paced along the fence at the ranch (Indianapolis Pacer)

Zack, male, named by previous owner, (arguably the most beatiful animal on the planet) shy.

Smokey, male, black/brown/gray llama (the purpose of this llama is to eat hay)

White Guy, male, (wanna guess what color he is?) great fiber (like I know)

Wax, male (my best name) Wax is missing the top of each ear. They were frost-bitten before he came to our ranch. Elaine thought Van Gogh was too pretentious

I hope this helps you name your llamas. Not everyone uses my methods to name animals, but I can't help everyone.

Our crazy lives!


PS You think llamas are wimpy? Shove and Sox have survived rattlesnake bites. Shove, Sox, Dot and Push survived a battle with two pit bulls (Kelly was in another pasture).

Registered names:


Push=Allegro, Pull=Adagio

Shove=Ridge-top Lana



White Guy=Chocolate Delight (go figure)


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