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You Can Get Hurt!

Not much happened at the ranch this week, except for the rain. We received very little snow over the winter, leaving Northern Colorado under fire restrictions. For those of you that are unfamiliar with fire restrictions, the county forbids all outdoor fires such as campfires and the like.

We just received a winter’s worth of moisture in one week. If you would walk across our corrals you would sink to your ankles in the mud. Mix that with a little yak poop and you have a life experience I hope you all get to enjoy someday.

The yaks found a hole in the fence yesterday. Of course they didn’t tell anyone. They decided to make it bigger. They left the pasture and came up to the house, tore up a couple bales of hay and sat down to wait for us to get back from the store.

When we got home we coaxed them back into the corral with sweetened corn. No big deal. Ok, it was a big deal. I might have used some bad language at Ivy and the yaks. Sorry, Ivy!

Elaine and I decided to repair the fence and actually take it to a level so the yaks won’t find another hole for the rest of the summer. Elaine and I enjoy building fence together.

Elaine got a little banged up. She was using the most dangerous thing on the ranch. You guessed it, a baseball cap. You didn’t guess a baseball cap. Well, let me tell you, a baseball cap causes many injuries on the ranch.

We were repairing the fence. Elaine was wearing the baseball cap. I made the mistake of asking Elaine to get me some long nails. Elaine turned and ran into our address sign (a sign that posts the numerals that alerts others of our address.) The sign is forehead high. The baseball cap blocked her vision. (I told you they were dangerous.) Elaine smacked her head on the sign, fell hitting her knee on a rock and bent her glasses.

If she was 12 years old it she wouldn’t have even felt it. At our age, it will take at least 600 milligrams of ibuprofen to get to sleep tonight.

Ten minutes after Elaine hit the sign, she screamed at me warning me that I was about to walk into the same sign. I had on a cowboy hat. She saved me from a knot on my head.

The Moral of all of this: If you wear a cowboy hat Elaine will scream at you.

Our crazy lives!


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