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I didn’t plan on sharing..

It always happens when you want to go to bed.

One of the great pleasures of my week is when the day is done. We are back from town, the animals have been dealt with. Dinner is done,; the kids are in bed. I get to choose what to watch on TV. We have TV in our bedroom. I can watch whatever I want until Elaine comes upstairs.

Occasionally, I will make myself a drink, read or whatever by myself. I made myself a Kahlua and Cream. I know, it is not a very ranch sounding drink. If you drink sweet drinks on the ranch, the neighbors will ask you to sell your house and leave. Ivy wanted one and I thought it would be nice to spend some time with her. I made the drinks with chocolate milk instead of cream, then I put in a shot of whiskey (just to keep my self-respect).

Ivy went downstairs and I went up to watch television. The house was quiet. Except for the television and the sound of a puppy chewing. I should have ignored it, but the sound of a puppy chewing got the best of me. One of the puppies had Elaine's shoe.

No one else was around. I had to deal with it. I took the shoe away from the puppy and looked for the other shoe. I put both shoes in a puppy proof place. I noticed we had a window open and the wind was picking up outside. I closed the window. I hear another unusual sound. It sounds like slurping.

Maggie/Badger is drinking my Kahlua and Cream. I didn't make that drink for her. I screamed at her. She decides she is finished and it would be a good time to run. She knocked the drink on the floor. She correctly assumes that I don't want the Khalua and Cream any longer. Maggie is licking the carpet, which is something I won't do. I had to physically pick her up and take her outside.

Elaine heard the commotion and brought the paper towels and carpet cleaner. I love her for that. (Ok, I have more reasons than that)

I can't really say that the puppies used the shoe as a diversion to get me to leave the drink alone, but I have my concerns.

Our crazy lives!


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