Social networking?

have wanted to discuss this for quite a while. You guessed it, Facebook!

Last year, an east coast relative introduced us to Facebook. She told Elaine it was a great way to send pictures to each other and just generally stay in touch. Ivy was already using Facebook. Ivy explained it could be a great way to advertise the store. It sounded like a really good idea.

Now a year later, I can proudly say I have 45 Facebook friends. Well, not really 45. I have “friended” three of those people twice. One of those has a Facebook alter ego, so he’s “friended” twice. One is “friended” twice with different addresses, and one added their middle name and asked to be “friended” again. I have 42 Face book friends.

My construction life afforded me the opportunity to work in twenty-five different states. I have 7 Facebook friends from my construction career while in Arizona . Six of them I actually remember. I have 2 Facebook friends from working in New Mexico . Ok, it is only one from New Mexico. This is the guy with the alter ego thing. (My head is starting to hurt). Two are from working in Colorado . One of them posts photos of her ultra sounds. I wanted to post photos of my last medical procedure, but my family told me I would get banned.

Sixteen of my Facebook friends are relatives. That number is a little inflated. My wife and daughter are included in those sixteen. I really don’t need to get in touch with them on Facebook, but they asked to be my friend and I pressed “confirm”! Ivy didn’t really want to friend me. At the time I had only two Facebook friends. Seems she felt sorry for me. Twelve of my relative friends, I could reach with a local telephone call.

Nine of my Facebook friends are from high school. I remember eight of them. Elaine tells me I should remember the other guy. She tells me he was the tall guy with hair. I think we are friends because he wants to sell me something. One high school friend I see every day. We don’t need to actually speak to one another; it’s easier to wave as we pass by. Then go home and post what we could have talked about.