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Social networking?

have wanted to discuss this for quite a while. You guessed it, Facebook!

Last year, an east coast relative introduced us to Facebook. She told Elaine it was a great way to send pictures to each other and just generally stay in touch. Ivy was already using Facebook. Ivy explained it could be a great way to advertise the store. It sounded like a really good idea.

Now a year later, I can proudly say I have 45 Facebook friends. Well, not really 45. I have “friended” three of those people twice. One of those has a Facebook alter ego, so he’s “friended” twice. One is “friended” twice with different addresses, and one added their middle name and asked to be “friended” again. I have 42 Face book friends.

My construction life afforded me the opportunity to work in twenty-five different states. I have 7 Facebook friends from my construction career while in Arizona . Six of them I actually remember. I have 2 Facebook friends from working in New Mexico . Ok, it is only one from New Mexico. This is the guy with the alter ego thing. (My head is starting to hurt). Two are from working in Colorado . One of them posts photos of her ultra sounds. I wanted to post photos of my last medical procedure, but my family told me I would get banned.

Sixteen of my Facebook friends are relatives. That number is a little inflated. My wife and daughter are included in those sixteen. I really don’t need to get in touch with them on Facebook, but they asked to be my friend and I pressed “confirm”! Ivy didn’t really want to friend me. At the time I had only two Facebook friends. Seems she felt sorry for me. Twelve of my relative friends, I could reach with a local telephone call.

Nine of my Facebook friends are from high school. I remember eight of them. Elaine tells me I should remember the other guy. She tells me he was the tall guy with hair. I think we are friends because he wants to sell me something. One high school friend I see every day. We don’t need to actually speak to one another; it’s easier to wave as we pass by. Then go home and post what we could have talked about.

If you want to know what someone is doing, check Facebook. They will let you know. Ivy showed me a post from one of her friends. Ivy has not seen this girl in over seven years, but on this one particular day, this girl posted she ate spinach three times that day. She didn’t say if she was just hungry or she had some Popeye thing going.

I think this Facebook thing is actually pretty valuable. It does allow you to reach your “friends” in an instant. Imagine if we would have had Facebook in the Revolutionary War times. Paul Revere could have posted “The British are coming” and went back to bed.

Our crazy lives!


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