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Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July. This holiday has everything good and bad about holidays. I’ll explain Good: The summer’s heat is about ½ over Bad: Summer is ½ over. Good: You don’t need to buy a gift for someone Bad: You don’t get a gift from someone Good: fireworks Bad: firecrackers Good: Beer and picnics Bad: Ok, there is no bad to that one I hope you took some time to watch a holiday sporting event. Maybe you saw a fireworks game at a major league ballpark. We made our annual trek to the fireworks display at our local mountain town. I did miss the World Championship of Hotdog Eating, again. I hate it when I miss a new world record. Wow, 69 hotdogs in ten minutes. I don’t eat 69 hotdogs in a year. My dad told me hotdogs were made from meat scraps the butchers pick off the floor. I’ve had trouble getting that picture out of my head ever since. It seems the new world record is unofficial. I guess the guy that set the new record wasn’t even in the competition. I read the Associated Press account of the competition. They mentioned the American Medical Association has declared eating 69 hotdogs in ten minutes is unhealthy. Really? Who is paying these guys? I’m no doctor, but I’m willing to bet, eating 69 peaches in 10 minutes isn’t really good for you, either. Oh well, this is still a great country. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I would like to thank Thomas Jefferson and his 55 co-patriots for putting this country together. Where else could eating hotdogs be a sport?

Our crazy lives!


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