Is it broke?

You might want to get some coffee. This is looking like it could be a long one. Our wonderful friends invited the twins to spend the night at their home. Boy Twin was so excited he decided he needed to take a shower. It is not that he smells or anything like that, but he is a boy and it is summer. Showers are just not one of his priorities recently. Boy twin finished his shower, dressed and packed a backpack. With his backpack on he decided to wait for his ride outside. I watched him waiting on the deck, it wasn’t long and he was on his bike. He loves his bike. From inside the house I heard what sounded like Boy Twin crying. Boy Twin isn’t much of a crier so I naturally assumed this wasn’t a good thing. I don’t consider myself to be a great runner, but for a short time and a short distance I can move reasonably well. I ran outside to find Boy Twin