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You might want to get some coffee. This is looking like it could be a long one. Our wonderful friends invited the twins to spend the night at their home. Boy Twin was so excited he decided he needed to take a shower. It is not that he smells or anything like that, but he is a boy and it is summer. Showers are just not one of his priorities recently. Boy twin finished his shower, dressed and packed a backpack. With his backpack on he decided to wait for his ride outside. I watched him waiting on the deck, it wasn’t long and he was on his bike. He loves his bike. From inside the house I heard what sounded like Boy Twin crying. Boy Twin isn’t much of a crier so I naturally assumed this wasn’t a good thing. I don’t consider myself to be a great runner, but for a short time and a short distance I can move reasonably well. I ran outside to find Boy Twin tangled in not one, but two bicycles. He tells me he was going too fast and ran over his sister’s bike. He stated his right wrist hurt really badly. I asked him if it hurt bad enough to see the doctor. He told me he didn’t want to see the doctor, but he hadn’t stopped the tears. I told him “Boy Twin, I think we need the doctor to look at your wrist.” That really upset him. He asked if the doctor would cut his wrist open and screw his bones back together. Isn’t science television great? Off to the hospital! We were met at the hospital by a hospital security guard. He directed us through the metal detector arch. I set off the alarm when I went through the arch. Security guard: Do you have a pocket knife? Me: No Guard: Just go through then He asked to look in Elaine’s knitting bag/purse. Guard: Ma’am, you can’t take those knitting needles in there. Elaine: Why? Guard: You could use them to stab someone. I’ll let you go, just keep them in your purse. Elaine: Thanks For you knitters, Elaine was packing five double-point #1 knitting needles. (I used the word “packing” because it makes them sound more like weapons) For you non-knitters, #1 needles are slightly bigger than toothpicks. Can you see why the guard was concerned? I know the years haven’t exactly been kind to me, but please tell me I look more dangerous than a grandmother packing tiny knitting needles. We waited for over an hour to see the doctor. Boy Twin was in pain, but no one seemed to care. The security guard was busy watching everyone. I started to wonder about those knitting needles. I’ve never seen Elaine use them as weapons, but how well do I really know this person? That security guard is a trained professional. He looked a little young, though. (Actually, I have socks older than this guy) He obviously had concerns. Maybe Elaine is the Knitting Needle Doctor Stabber when she is not working in the store. I’m sleeping with one eye open from now on! It is a good thing I'm not a doctor. Boy Twin was taken to an examination room where he was attended to by a wonderful Physicians Assistant. After a while Elaine and the PA realized they knew each other from somewhere. The two women shared that they were both knitters and they realized the PA was a customer at our store. Elaine shared her experience regarding the security guard wth the PA. Soon the conversation changed to things that could be done with knitting needles besides knitting. Now I’m really concerned. I am in a room with two women who know how to kill with knitting needles. The PA returned to her examination of Boy Twin. The x-rays confirmed Boy Twin had broken a bone in his wrist. For a broken bone it isn’t too bad. He is in his first cast. With any luck, there won’t be many more. I just don’t have the time to worry about that. I need to keep my eye on Elaine. Our crazy lives! Monner

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