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This time it was the llamas

It started out to be just another week at the ranch. Well, not really. Wednesday, we had scheduled a photo shoot at the ranch with a popular “Yarnie“ magazine with local ties. Through the store, Elaine met the editorial staff of the magazine. Next thing you know Elaine’s telling me they are coming to do a photo shoot.

This information was met by me with mixed emotions. This type of event is Elaine at her best. She gets to be around fiber people. It will give the business some exposure. Watching a professional photo shoot should be fascinating. It has all the makings of a good day. Mixed emotions?

Usually when something happens like this at the ranch, Elaine will walk around the ranch and look for things she will need for me to move. Like every good pack rat rancher, I save and stash things I MIGHT need later. I have piles of stuff strategically placed where I will use them in the future. The future is defined as any time in the next twenty years.

Tuesday night I got to participate in the photo-shoot by moving a neatly stacked pile of lumber. I put this lumber next to one of the outbuildings I built a couple of years ago. I have every intention of building another addition to this particular building when I get the time.

A couple weeks ago, the magazine editor spent a Sunday afternoon on the ranch scouting out potential spots for photos. I cannot prove it but I think Elaine suggested using this outbuilding for a photo so I would get to move the lumber.

So Wednesday has come and gone, the photo-shoot went off fairly well.

I was playing construction while the photo-shoot was happening. I asked Elaine and Ivy to take pictures of the guys taking pictures. Guess what? We didn’t have a camera at the ranch. I used my lunch hour to run a camera up to the ranch. I walked into the house to find our living and dining room filled to the brim with literally hundreds of articles of clothing, jewelry, and accessories. The dining room table was covered with make-up, combs and curling irons. I got really nervous when I saw all of that stuff. Usually when I see things like that, it is at one of our trade show and I get asked to help pack it up and carry it to a car. I was really happy that didn’t happen.

I watched the action for a couple minutes-didn’t seem to exciting to me. I thought I would liven it up by offering my services as an old gray haired model. They just ignored me. I went back to construction.

Elaine and Ivy had a really good time. I did get to participate on Thursday. That was when the llamas (all eleven) found the open gate left open after the photo-shoot. Ol’ Monner got to rush back to the ranch Thursday afternoon when a neighbor called the store to inform us the llamas were out.

The llamas were grazing around the house waiting to be led back in to their pasture. Of course, they will not simply go back in the gate, in which they left. They were patiently waiting for me to lead them back into the pasture with a bucket of grain.

Our crazy lives!


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