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John Wayne didn’t use words like that

I thought it might be time to talk about our situation with the phone company. If you have read my stories last month then you are aware we have had a phone line lying in the grass across our pasture since the first week of July.

I spoke with the phone company twice this past week. They sent out techs to, first, confirm that I am not crazy and second, to devise a plan to take care of the phone line.

Both techs have been extremely “helpful”! They don’t know who dropped the ball last July, but it wasn’t them. They know they are in the wrong department to help me, but they will pass my information to someone that can help me. On behalf of the phone company, they would like to apologize for my trouble. These guys are really good at what they do.

In fairness, one of the techs contacted the person who actually ran the phone line last July. This person called me to apologize and promised the problem will be resolved this coming week. Call me stupid, but I actually believe her!

It is really great to have a plan. It should have worked, except the phone line is lying in the grass across our pasture. The line was broken again this morning. Someone should have buried that line.

You can guess what broke the line today. Yep, a cattle drive! You didn’t guess a cattle drive? Hmmm, that would have been my first guess. I have you at a disadvantage. I really didn't need to guess, I saw it happen. One of the area cattle ranchers was bringing a small herd of cattle down the road to graze for the winter at lower elevation. Yes, they still do that.

One of the cowboys and his horse became tangled in the phone line. He used REALLY bad language. I think he might have been mad. It scratched up his horse’s leg.

I would have told him it was there, but he forgot to tell me he was going to drive his cattle across my pasture. They usually call us on the phone, now it is too late, our phone doesn’t work.

Our crazy lives!


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