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It looks like winter has arrived, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. We have already “enjoyed” two pretty good snow storms. The first one was six inches of really heavy, wet snow. Most of the trees had not dropped their leaves which allowed the snow to sit in the trees until the limbs broke.

The second snow storm produced 13” of heavy, wet snow. It didn’t cause the tree damage the first one caused. The weak limbs had broken off in the previous storm. Of course, if you get the chance to carry hay bales through knee deep snow, it gives you a great sense of satisfaction. Especially, when you get back in the house.

The weathermen did a great job of warning everyone the storms were coming. The night before the storms (as predicted) Elaine and I asked the twins to find their winter clothing and get them ready for the trip to school the next morning.

The twins found their stuff and they were ready. The next morning I noticed Boy Twin was not wearing his snow boots.

Me: Are you going to wear your boots?

Boy Twin: Can’t find ‘em

Me: Why didn’t you say that last night?

Boy Twin: Well, I found 3 boots last night. Two of them are too small, one fits

Me: What?

Boy Twin: You told me to give my old boots to Goodwill, I must have given the wrong ones

Me: No you gave the wrong boot, are you planning to hop in the snow? Is another kid going to hop with you?

Boy Twin: I know you can go to Wally World and get new ones

I don’t know about you guys, but that is not what I would have told my parents. However, it worked for him. I went to Wally World and bought him new boots. And gloves, gloves for Girl Twin, a new snow suit for Girl Twin. BUY MORE YARN!

My brothers and I shared snow boots. I had two older brothers and two younger. When the oldest outgrew the boots he gave them to the next brother and so on. If the boots started to leak we stuck our feet in bread wrappers and then wore the boots. (Not kidding) Now we just go to Wally World. I wish we could buy one boot at a time.

With all their new gear I’m betting we will be buying more stuff this winter

Me: Do you have your snow stuff

Girl Twin: Yes, in my backpack

Me: No, you have a glove on the floor of the truck. That is why I asked

Girl Twin: Oh, well, I have one

After the second storm I heard Elaine asking one of the twins if they were going to tell Monner. That’ll put a lump in your throat.

Boy Twin: Monner, I got a refocus in school today

Me: What’s that?

Boy Twin: I did something that I need to tell you, and you need to sign a paper

Me: What did you do?

Boy Twin: I threw a snowball

Me: What did you hit?

Boy Twin: Nothing, I threw it in the air

Me: That’s all that happened?

Boy Twin: I threw another one after they told me to stop

Me: Now I understand, are you staying in at recess?

Boy Twin: No, you have to sign a paper

I’m not sure, but I don’t think that’s what would have happened when I was in school. Looks like it could be a long winter.

Our crazy lives!


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