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Big Boss

I received a coffee mug for Christmas. It is a pottery mug with the word “BOSS” stamped on the side. I took the mug to mean that Ivy finally realizes that I am the boss of the store.

I have had a hard time convincing Ivy, I am the “boss” at the yarn store. Obviously, she has come to the understanding I am the “boss”, because now I have the mug.

I have always made the high level decisions at the store. I don’t decide what we sell, or even where we place it in the store. That’s what Elaine and Ivy do. I don’t pick yarn colors. Again, Elaine and Ivy.

I make the really important decisions, like what kind of flavored coffee to buy. We have one of those single serving coffee makers in the store. If you get the wrong flavored coffee, people really complain.

Ivy was at the supermarket and picked up something called Chai Latte. You should have heard me complain. It is no small wonder; she does not have a “boss” mug.

Adding to the stress of picking flavored coffee, do you realize they make flavored creamers? You can have a cup of hazelnut coffee, add peppermint mocha creamer, and ruin the entire cup. Those are the things, yarn store bosses need to know.

I came up with this great idea, we could charge for coffee. Hey, those guys that have a coffee shop on every corner and in every supermarket, charging four bucks for coffee are doing great. I was going to let people order sizes in English and things like that. It was going to be great. Elaine and Ivy said no, coffee is free.

I also take checks to the bank. Most people use credit cards or cash for yarn purchases, but some people still write checks. We get about three checks a month and I need to take then to the bank. In the past, I would stick the checks in my pocket and walk the two blocks to the bank.

I am going to start driving to the bank. I will put my “boss” mug in the cup holder of the truck and drive over. When I get to the bank, I will put the mug on the dashboard so it can be seen through the windshield. That way people will know I’m the boss.

The kids received electronics for Christmas. When they finish their games, I’m going to tell them I want to be the “boss” at home, too.

Our crazy lives!


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