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Lions and Puppies and Ivy, Oh My

I have three email addresses. One I use in my construction life. One I share with Elaine and Ivy for store related stuff. The other, I use to receive all the humorous stuff people like to send me. I don’t check the last one very often.

This has nothing to do with what I am writing about, but I like to write about myself.

Last night, Ivy, the twins and I arrived home just as the sun was going down. Ivy and I prepared to feed the yaks and llamas. You know, we put on our insulated coveralls, gloves and snow boots. The same stuff when you guys wear to go outside to feed your animals in sub-freezing, snowy weather. Oh, you don’t need to feed yaks and llamas. Well, it is like dressing for skiing, if you didn’t have ski clothes.

I was “geared-up” and headed outside. I made the mistake of thinking Ivy was right behind me. I didn’t latch the door behind me. Of course, Lizzie and Maggie (Our no longer are they puppies, puppies) were right behind me.

Lizzie and Maggie were headed west and they were serious about getting there. Ivy jumped in the truck and tried to chase them down. These puppies were determined to get west. I let Walter (Great Dane mix) out of the house and told him to go get the puppies. I don’t know if he understood me, but he seemed to know where they were going and he knew how to get there. Walter headed west. Emma (the oldest member of Team Pyrenees) stayed home tied to a fence post.

Ivy chased the puppies about 1/2-3/4 mile into a neighbors pasture. I followed everyone with an ATV. Walter somehow convinced the puppies they had run far enough and it was time to get a truck ride home. Ivy coaxed Maggie into the truck and went for Lizzie. Ivy opened the truck door to let Lizzie in and Maggie jumped out. It would have been fun to watch but it was too darn cold. We chased the puppies another 20 minutes before they had enough of their adventure.

With everyone back home, Ivy and I fed the llamas and yaks. Elaine wasn’t home from the store. She was teaching a weaving class and wouldn’t be home for another hour. I took some time to check my emails (OK, this story does have an email part to it)

While Ivy, the twins and I were playing “Let’s chase the puppies”, our neighbor who lives about 1/2 mile west of us, sent an email, informing the neighborhood they had just seen two mountain lions on their property. That was an email you don’t see everyday.

Another neighbor replied to the email informing the neighborhood that it is lion mating season. He said it is very possible we would hear them. Our dogs have been very vocal at night for the last week, or so. Yes, if you are following the story, the lions were spotted pretty darn close to where the puppies decided they were too tired to run any farther.

I don’t know if the puppies were aware the mountain lions were close by, but I am sure the mountain lions knew we were there.

I'm starting to understand why it is difficult for us to find house sitters.

Our crazy lives!


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