February 14th

Happy Valentines Day.

I hope you are getting to spend time with your special person. I am home with the twins.

Elaine is at the store tonight. It is business as usual for the store’s Tuesday night knit-in. I am home with the twins. Even on Valentines Day, we have homework. The nice thing is it is simple multiplication. I can do that. Heck, I’m even kind of good at it.

At least for this Valentines Day, the twins are my date. Maybe Elaine and I will go out together later in the week. But for tonight, it will be homework, followed by a late dinner when Elaine gets home.

You really don’t need a special day to spend time with that special person. Hug them everyday. Tell them you love them everyday. Buy them yarn everyday. (I just through that in, Elaine and I own a yarn store.) Ok, I can’t really expect you to do that, but you can do something nice everyday.

Happy Valentines Day from The Sipes family and Your Daily Fiber.

Our crazy lives!


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