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I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time in the store lately. For the most part I enjoy my time in the store. There is however, a couple times each day that I am extremely uncomfortable. That happens when someone, usually a woman, asks me a technical question.

Every once in a while someone will come in the store and they are more uncomfortable than I am. Friday was one of those times. A young lady came in the store announcing she had crocheted before, but had always bought yarn from one of the mega grocery stores. She mentioned there were a lot of wonderful things in the store, but was not familiar with what she was looking at. She obviously didn’t want any help and didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to help her, anyway.

She was carrying a recyclable shopping bag with the Chicago Cubs logo on it. I asked if she was from Chicago .

Customer: I’m from the north side.

Me: And you’re a Cubs fan?

If you are from the north side of Chicago , you are required to root for the White Sox. If you live on the south side you are a Cubs fan. I’m not sure that is actually a law. I think if you don’t want to follow those rules, the Chicagoans make you move to St. Louis.

Customer: I just have this bag; I actually follow the White Sox. My husband is from St. Louis and is there now living with his parents.

Me: Oh?

Customer: I am a grad student and he has not been able to find a job here.

Me: I wish him luck!

I noticed something else about this young lady. She had a pretty good sized diamond ring. Ah, young love! Isn’t it great!

It made me think. I bought Elaine a diamond, once. It was in her engagement ring. I was proud of that ring and I think she was also. When she became pregnant with our first child her hands started to swell. She took off the ring and put it in a coat pocket.

That was the last time she wore a diamond. Actually, we forgot where the ring was and didn’t find it for years. I think the ring is in a jewelry box, but I can’t swear to that.

I have had plenty of opportunities with birthdays, Christmases, and Valentines Days to have replaced the diamond. Elaine has always asked me not to buy another diamond.

When they had the “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” class, Elaine must have stayed home that day. She was in class for “I like Turquoise”. Elaine once advised our daughter, "Don't get a ring from the guy, get water rights!"

Here comes another Valentines Day. It would be really easy to go out and get another diamond. She just wouldn't want it. Flowers, they just dry up. Chocolates, not a favorite either.

Tomorrow I will go to farm supply store for some romantic shopping. For Elaine, nothing says love like insulated coveralls and heated livestock waterers.

Happy Valentines Day

Our crazy lives!


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